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  3. Pop Culture and magick
  4. What have you been reading lately?
  5. space/time and magick
  6. Art and music and magick
  7. Do you livejournal?
  8. The blending of science and magick
  9. psychotronic machines
  10. Near Death Experiences
  11. The Literacy of Magick
  12. My appearances for Fall of 2004
  13. Pop Culture Magick is now available!
  14. How do you handle prejudice in yourself?
  15. magic vs magick
  16. Real Witches Ball
  17. love
  18. DNA Magic
  19. Polyamoury
  20. Ancientways Gathering
  21. Inner Alchemy
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  26. biophotons
  27. Working with neurotransmitters as spiritguides
  28. Magick on the Edge
  29. Gathering the Magic
  30. Michael Szul's interview with me about my forthcoming book space/Time Magic
  31. Anyone Read Space/Time Magic
  32. Suite 101 interview with me
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  34. new witchvox article on protecting the inner home
  35. events I'll be doing in Seattle
  36. events I'll be doing in Seattle
  37. more information on Inner alchemy
  38. What do you consider contemporary pop culture?
  39. An update
  40. Two Excerpts from my latest book Multi-Media Magic
  41. What role does wealth play in your life?
  42. Pop Culture Magic Anthology Announcement
  43. Imagine Your Reality