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  1. Life and its meaning
  2. ~sigh~
  3. Left
  4. Having feelings moms shouldn't have
  5. Help Need for Childrens CLothing
  6. What to do
  7. Would you, please?
  8. unbalanced
  9. major stress
  10. family gone boink: need advice
  11. Grieving
  12. Husband:(
  13. Meltdown
  14. fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrom
  15. Sacrifices in my life
  16. why does it hurt?
  17. I need to talk!!
  18. I know I'm being a baby...
  19. My boyfriend's father just passed away...
  20. Helping Hands Guide(s) Nominations
  21. Direction..
  22. I Cant Take This Anymore!!!!!!!!!!
  23. In need of guidence...
  24. 3 Deaths in 5 days
  25. Help?! (That about covers it!)
  26. Me again... folks fighting...
  27. Have you ever had to...
  28. need someone to talk to
  29. I am just lost on what I want. Please help
  30. I need someone to talk to
  31. I feel my faith has been destroyed
  32. I'm finally understanding how some women can decieve their spouses to get pregnant.
  33. I'm very upset...
  34. *sighs* Life is so strange...
  35. Why?
  36. Cutting
  37. in need of help
  38. Why do I do stupid things?
  39. Why do I take this crap?
  40. Lost
  41. Today is the day I begin to die..
  42. Silent, tonight.
  43. Addictions and heartache.
  44. Help... i at a wall
  45. I have a serious problem, and I need guidance....
  46. I'm pretty sure I no longer have a boyfriend
  47. Okay feeling down again
  48. Can some one help clear my confusion?
  49. Oh no...
  50. Am I making a terrible mistake?
  51. I want to die.
  52. Talk
  53. Having a Bit of Trouble...
  54. I need MOMMY stangth
  55. I'm sorry
  56. Wigged out again...
  57. What should i do?
  58. Please
  59. Good Friend Gone
  60. Need Some Hugs!!!
  61. Ok I need to talk
  62. Relationship may end...
  63. Starting the healing process...
  64. HELP: Anyone who has or has had depression.
  65. I need a miracle
  66. Some advice, if you will...
  67. Advice for coming out of the broom closet...
  68. I need a miracle of the financial kind
  69. I need a hug
  70. need hugz right now :(
  71. Is there anyone who would be able
  72. need some hugs
  73. Encouraging words are welcome...
  74. Could Those of You Who Pray,Mention Me To Your Diety?Thanks
  75. It ended.
  76. Gonna lose it
  77. Please Do Not Move This!!!!!
  78. hugs for my husband
  79. feeling a little blue
  80. job application jitters
  81. I need help and answers
  82. Need Help how do i get my energy back
  83. Cracking Up
  84. sad.
  85. just kinda venting
  86. In need of advice
  87. I want out of my own skin....I hate myself
  88. Just wanted to say thanks :)
  89. Errr... How to deal with this?
  90. How do you live again?
  91. Things Less Painful then HeartBreak
  92. I feel alone sometimes.
  93. I can't take it...
  94. I just need to vent(or something)
  95. Just a rant.
  96. psychics scare me!
  97. stressed
  98. Feeling Down
  99. Like I'm out of control
  100. Hospitality
  101. Everything is falling apart..
  102. Thanks For Those Who Prayed
  103. Life sux I need help!!!!
  104. I don't know anymore.........:(
  105. Thank You! :)
  106. Confidence please...
  107. Lost
  108. Looking for Tarot Card reader from New Jersey
  109. Better left alone?
  110. What should I do?
  111. The broom closet...
  112. VietNam and back
  113. Need Help With parents
  114. Sick of being sick, hating being dependant, and general panic
  115. What Am I Going To Do?!
  116. Need Help for my Niece and Nephew!
  117. Prayers Needed - please read
  118. I'm not right
  119. Please read
  120. Stalker?
  121. Just a little thoughts and helping energy, please
  122. Wake me up!
  123. One of my best friend commited suicide!
  124. Please pray for me
  125. I dont know what to do
  126. I've been mentally beating myself up again.
  127. I'm Very Confused
  128. Your Thoughts Please!!!
  129. Why won't anybody love me?
  130. Please is there anyone who is free to talk ??
  131. Always an Outsider
  132. Relationship confusion
  133. need someone to put this in perspective for me
  134. Advice
  135. Rant
  136. Feeling Really Depressed
  137. To tell or not to tell. that is the BIG question
  138. To my family at MW.
  139. Heya all...
  140. Starman!
  141. Ouija Board & "open portals"
  142. Financial toughness issue.. help requested from Tulsa Area
  143. Crisis of "faith"!!! WAH!
  144. need advice
  145. Am I so bad...?
  146. Rant With Me..Please..It's Needed
  147. I'm so heartbroken, furious, sad,
  148. My "Best Friend"
  149. I want to live
  150. I can't find happiness!!
  151. A Darker Voice
  152. Why do I do this?
  153. Don't know what to do...
  154. I'm very worried!
  155. Ish...
  156. Turning pessimism around
  157. You all are gonna kick me, but...
  158. Do you ever feel like....................?
  159. bad habits are just so hard to break.
  160. Im nervous
  161. Is the whole friggin world against me???
  162. Frustrated and in a rut :S
  163. In The Box OR Out of the Box
  164. i just dont know anymore
  165. I've decided to give it another go with my mom...
  166. Still trying to figure things out..
  167. I need some help...
  168. Hopelessness and sadness
  169. Having problems with husband?
  170. Dreams and past lives
  171. I need a hug.....
  172. For Dianastormdancer whos blue.
  173. Facing my hypocrisy.
  174. Need advice/reassurance...career related
  175. I'm a little afraid..
  176. Molesting?
  177. What is wrong with me?
  178. Stress- Stress- and more stress...
  179. I'm done
  180. i need someone to talk to ..... please ....
  181. Help I Dont Know What To Do
  182. Just feeling a little sad, stressed, and lonely
  183. Just a huggle.
  184. Oh gods I didn't know how they did it to her...
  185. My Grandfather
  186. Scared
  187. Lost in Love
  188. depressed and confused. should I date?
  189. I think I need to talk
  190. May have a breakdown, need to talk
  191. Taken Advantage Of
  192. I'm just loosing my freaking mind
  193. I need some relationship advice...
  194. When your life is threatened
  195. Needing some support
  196. need someone to talk to
  197. My friend thinks she's pregnant...
  198. Just need to say some stuff
  199. What the Heck do i do?
  200. I'm not sure
  201. She's Gone
  202. My dad is going to the hurricane
  203. So mad...I need a Hug.
  204. Confused...in a good way
  205. I'm gunna lose it again...
  206. Will i settle in Job .
  207. When it rains...
  208. realy touchy subject
  209. I need help getting better...
  210. Well, I Washed The Sheets Today
  211. help needed ( a little upsetting)
  212. Worry, can it kill you?
  213. Mom is freaking out
  214. Really Scared Right Now...
  215. My brothers a theif...and hes 11. What should I do?
  216. Manic Depression/Bipolar
  217. What Is The Morrigan Teaching Me?
  218. I need some advice.
  219. Too much. A rant
  220. Problems with the ladies
  221. Relationship problems
  222. She just died in my arms....
  223. Upset Friend
  224. Mishcievious Spirits, need advice
  225. confused
  226. A servant is more than a dog, to a prince. -Into the Woods
  227. WTH is wrong with me? (First part rant and other crap)
  228. I pulled the DEATH card today...
  229. I'm really sad...
  230. What is there for me to say?
  231. A Warm Witch Hug Needed
  232. Ramble/I'm in shock/I'm a bit lost
  233. Joe's Dragon (flar7) Raffle for Cystic Fibrosis!
  234. Semi-rant, mostly need a 'reality check'
  235. Lost! Need to talk!
  236. Have You Been Here?
  237. Can I have advice Please
  238. scared
  239. Don't pay too much attention...but how does one NOT be lonely?
  240. Wish Me Luck (this is long)
  241. I need advice
  242. Just need to type with someone
  243. feel like I'm going to backslide
  244. I dont know where to turn.
  245. Advise please
  246. I trusted him and he hurt me
  247. I want the memories to go away....but other people dont
  248. I'm so sick of my family.
  249. I am VERY angry
  250. Worried about my best friend...