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  1. Question about Affirmations
  2. bad night... again
  3. I think a friend is mad at me
  4. Holiday Stress
  5. how actually should i handle this?
  6. a little bit of anxiety here...
  7. Total Faith Crisis
  8. In love and Rather Upset
  9. Lost and Found
  10. Depressed and don't know what to do about it.....
  11. I'm so tired...
  12. stressing about college...
  13. Anniversary grief
  14. where to start?
  15. Why was I ever with her?
  16. dragonfan is depressed
  17. The Holidays Suck
  18. Hurting
  19. Hurting
  20. Hurting
  21. I've had the best time of my life. Now what?
  22. I'm so broken...
  23. I need to talk...and badly
  24. I don't know what to do...
  25. Need help in the right direction :s
  26. I got it...
  27. Upset
  28. Need help, need to vent
  29. Monster in law is an understatement!
  30. Official Hugs Day at MW!
  31. i love him but...
  32. Help required
  33. Long Time Away...Back With Trouble
  34. Long Time Away...Back With Trouble
  35. The not well thought of present?
  36. What would you do in my position?
  37. Mom has cancer Healing energy request
  38. Need Help, and all that jazz.
  39. how do I tell her?
  40. I'm Physically Stuck.
  41. im in love with someone who is engaged.
  42. me and the little one are super sick
  43. Can anyone Talk
  44. *sigh*
  45. I'm depressed... I think....
  46. tomorrow is so scarry
  47. tomorrow is so scarry
  48. Well, I need some hugs too.
  49. depressed
  50. I need someone to talk to.
  51. The man I love broke up with me............
  52. My grandma passed away today...
  53. Thoughts for the Troubled Heart
  54. Breaking off the Friendship
  55. Worst Break-Down Ever
  56. Dad's Surgery tomorrow...
  57. Emotionally, physically, mentally drained.
  58. need some input
  59. Out of the closet, but how?
  60. Help!!!
  61. I am so Mucked Up I don't what to do..
  62. I got put on medication and need help................
  63. I can't take it anymore it's over...........
  64. Hanging by a thread :(
  65. Coming out of the Broom Closet...
  66. I'm livid
  67. New Beginnings?
  68. A friend is suffering
  69. Truth vs Keeping my mouth shut
  70. Interesting quizzie!
  71. In need of advice... please...
  72. Outgrowing Friends
  73. In serious trouble and my empathic nature is not helping
  74. My hubby chose a new religion...
  75. I'd appreciate your opinion
  76. Possible Anencephaly
  77. pixel art project problem
  78. job unacceptance
  79. Worried about my brother-in-law
  80. Infertility?
  81. help with migraines
  82. busy 2006 problems
  83. I'm sure this shouldnt bother me
  84. family problems
  85. Annnnnnnnnggggggggggsssssssstttttttt...
  86. Depression?
  87. To go OR not to go.......
  88. In sympathy
  89. I need some advice....
  90. I need some advice....
  91. I need a lot of hugs.
  92. Need help...reassurance....something...
  93. Bad News
  94. UH-oh, the Big 4-0...
  95. I'd like some help. To me it seems long overdue.
  96. This young... and this sad
  97. Gawd I hate this!
  98. Oh No!
  99. Please help me make it stop
  100. parent need help and suggestions from other parents
  101. Im being bullied
  102. Could I vent/get some advice? Inlaws troubles >.<
  103. Help drowning fast!!
  104. I cannot do this anymore
  105. Buddy Check with Helping Hands and Hugs
  106. Question about rules re: posting here
  107. SO Possibly Cheating/STD
  108. Pulling out of a major depression...
  109. Can't sleep.. too worried about sleeping
  110. Hah
  111. Buying a house and getting the shaft.
  112. help, trapped in a DV situation
  113. Dreamed that he died
  114. Help?!
  115. My parents dont understand
  116. I'm going crazy.
  117. i'm shaking with anger
  118. Just stupidity, but I need a hug
  119. alzheimers
  120. Help I ahve unexplained cravings...
  121. Really need some advice
  122. I've had some things on my mind....
  123. Selling things on Amazon
  124. Just need to talk
  125. When you think things could not get worse
  126. Le Schizophrenia and a Concussion...
  127. Should I end our friendship?
  128. Brother nearly murdered, and no one tells me
  129. overemotional and confused
  130. My husbands step father died
  131. What would you do...?
  132. Life is just moving way too slowly
  133. roomate/covenmate situation
  134. If anyone needs a friend...
  135. incapable
  136. Mom is having surgery
  137. No More, I Just Can't Do It Anymore
  138. Hugs, please?
  139. Situation out of Control
  140. My food stamps have been cut off!!
  141. Going mad.
  142. Me
  143. Just when you think it safe.....
  144. requesting help with problem of spiritual nature
  145. literally... nearly bored to death...
  146. Quick question for an exam
  147. I lost 4 friends today because of two people.
  148. Advice about where to go for university please!
  149. Goodbye
  150. Valentines Blues Week.
  151. Resentment and chocolate DO NOT MIX.
  152. Can I have a hug, please? *puppy eyes*
  153. what to do....
  154. I have a big problem
  155. Hey..
  156. Need to talk
  157. The Hunger Site
  158. Why do i always do this?
  159. Head is caving in
  160. Come and Get your Hugs, Lilith Morgaine!
  161. Pennsylvania and custody
  162. Really stressed out.
  163. fights about money
  164. Hiding Who I Am
  165. Looking For A Friend
  166. Medical Info and Legal Problems
  167. Well, we did it!
  168. Nothing is Challenging
  169. Energy for Prophecy,please
  170. I need to find meaning again...
  171. I need some advice
  172. Don't know where to start...
  173. Libra Muse
  174. GGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  175. Am i too much of a romantic?
  176. Weight problems and the cruelty of our own minds
  177. Just tell me that everything is going to be alright...
  178. There's just no point...
  179. For my friend
  180. How do you deal with hate and anger issues?
  181. I feel kind of lost right now.
  182. Conflicting emotions.
  183. Just a little sad...
  184. Sister Problems
  185. Crisis of faith?
  186. Needing a Hug
  187. Ocd
  188. Motivation
  189. sooo...I guess I am bi polar
  190. sooo...I guess I am bi polar
  191. Why is this happening? What did I do?
  192. I'm gonna SNAP!
  193. Why does it seem that mean people ever get bad Karma?
  194. Some of you might already know a little of my story...
  195. Alone & Sad
  196. I need some advice
  197. Okay, Its My Turn!! I Need Some Hugs!!
  198. Feeling more alone than ever.
  199. i need ur help
  200. Remedy me
  201. Need Some relatioship Advice (very long)
  202. 'Friends' advice, I suppose...
  203. I can believe it.. but I cant believe it!
  204. Myspace is the end of the world
  205. I feel small and worthless
  206. I feel small and worthless
  207. Mistakes and What Should I Do?
  208. I'm at the end of my rope......
  209. Trust
  210. I Need A Hug!!!!!
  211. moving
  212. No Hugs or Energy Needed!!
  213. I need a guide..
  214. I have a low self image... :(
  215. Just went ou & got drunk...
  216. Honeymoon's Over
  217. not strong enough to help sick fiance
  218. I Really Never Thought...
  219. Should I Leave this Forum - not MW
  220. Depressed
  221. Embarrased, but I need a hug
  222. I need a warm hug...
  223. Tomorrow..
  224. I've noticed...
  225. Not coping...
  226. Guess I just can't be left alone
  227. my appartment is so safe....
  228. personal stress +academics= disaster
  229. Opposite ideas of bliss
  230. I need a reason...
  231. *sigh*
  232. Too much teen angst and depresion
  233. Help me find something to believe in
  234. Help me believe in something
  235. I'm sick of it all.
  236. kids dad in jail, i put him there...did I do right?
  237. Is Anger Controlling Your Life?
  238. accident at work
  239. I need a kick
  240. ranting venting and crying....just need a place to dump it all.
  241. How do you forget someone?
  242. my mother crossed over
  243. my mother crossed over
  244. Where is te Light?
  245. For me Men = Pain in the A$$
  246. So you know...
  247. hurting
  248. removing oil stains!!!!!
  249. Hats off to Nurses!!
  250. Honest opinion please