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  1. Interesting (fictional) cathedral
  2. Drawn to the path, but how do I reconcile former beliefs?
  3. Angels in a Christo-Pagan path?
  4. Attacks on Christopagans
  5. The Bible = folklore?
  6. Blessed Yule
  7. Christian Wicca
  8. How to Begin
  9. Christian Witchcraft Ritual and Practice
  10. Tarot in Christian Witchcraft?
  11. How often if at all do you go to church?
  12. Pagan Saints?
  13. hello!I am new
  14. One Question
  15. The Nature of Christ
  16. What's your favorite heresy?
  17. Holy Week and the Christian Witch (And Earth Day and Good Friday...)
  18. Fasting
  19. How do you Pray?
  20. Do you consider yourself Gnostic?
  21. What makes you a witch?
  22. What kind of worship service do you prefer?
  23. Christian Witchery: What are the beliefs?
  24. As a christian witch, Do any of you honor other gods?
  25. Valentin Tomberg (Sophianic Trinity)
  26. Non-literal Christian Believers | Christianity as mythology, etc
  27. Merry Christmas!
  28. Carnival Season...
  29. Lent
  30. Since it's Lent, songs for welcoming Spring
  31. Songs for St Patrick's Day
  32. Holy Weekend ~ Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday
  33. Blessed Easter
  34. Beltane/May Day songs
  35. Beltane
  36. Midsummer playlist
  37. Gnostic Witch?
  38. Giving way prayer flags
  39. Hello All!
  40. The Quarters and Elements as Mathew, Mark, Luke and john.
  41. Path of a Christian Witch
  42. Jesus and the Goddess: Living into a ChristoPagan theology
  43. Any Resources that are still around?
  44. Christian Flowers, Plants, and Trees