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  1. Christian Prophetic Movement
  2. christian wicca?
  3. Christian Witchcraft, Christo~Paganism, Christian Wicca, Gnostic Christianity
  4. No offense, but....
  5. My right to call myself a Christian Witch.
  6. Christain Wicca
  7. The Path of The Christ
  8. Info about Christian Witchcraft Please
  9. A Question for Christian Pagans.
  10. The Bible and Female Deity:
  11. Christian witches?
  12. New Chrisitan Witch
  13. Christian Witchery! What do I do?
  14. Resources for ChristoPagans, Christian Wiccans, Christian Witches
  15. christopagans
  16. Christian Witches?
  17. Christain Star Symbols for Christain Witches
  18. Torn Between Christianity and Paganism
  19. Christian Witchcraft HELP!
  20. More BLUNT and to the point
  21. Question for Christo-Pagans
  22. A Christian about to become a Christian-Wiccan?
  23. Folk Catholicism and Christain Witchery?
  24. Christian Wiccans/Christian Witches: A new Bible
  25. Catholic Paganisim
  26. Christian witch's afterlife....
  27. Catholic or Protestant?
  28. I gotta ask...Christian Witchcraft?
  29. My Christian Wiccan Beliefs / What Are Yours?
  30. The Orthodox Divine Liturgy As a Form of High Magick
  31. How do i become a christian wiccan???
  32. Sophia as your Goddess?
  33. Christian deities
  34. Communion
  35. Other deities besides God?
  36. Church
  37. Christian Witches and the Tarot
  38. My Byzantine Catholic Beliefs
  39. What are you all doing for the Holidays?
  40. Thought this was funny...What Saint are you?
  41. Saint of gay people
  42. Holy Spirit? What are your views?
  43. Christo-Pagan Booklists and Inspiration
  44. Gnostic questions
  45. Christian Witch Movement
  46. Adoptionism
  47. Docetism
  48. anti-Trinitarian
  49. Advent
  50. Have you read the Bible?
  51. jeus as the male part and goddess as my female maybe?
  52. Other deities
  53. Christo-Pagans and the Holidays
  54. Christian altars
  55. Cross roads
  56. Three Kings Day
  57. Gospel of Thomas
  58. Green Christians & Christopagans
  59. Shades of green
  60. Christian Witches what's the deal?
  61. How do you express your....
  62. Pow-Wow
  63. Gnostic beliefs
  64. Christain Jews??
  65. Question for Christian witches
  66. Love spells
  67. Love spells
  68. Love spells
  69. How 'bout the Gnostic Scriptures?
  70. Palm Sunday.
  71. Christopagan book
  72. Christokos vs.Theotokos
  73. Anyone have any advice...?
  74. spiritual path confusion...
  75. Looking for Descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  76. Why Jesus DNA Test uses Sound, not Tissue
  77. Angeloloy
  78. Nazarite vow
  79. Witches in Bible
  80. Christian Witchcraft and paganism not so much Wiccan
  81. Pentagrams in Christianity
  82. Kaos Christain witchery?
  83. Saints?
  84. Ancient Faith Radio
  85. How do you express you Christian Witchism
  86. Divine Masuline/Divine Feminine
  87. Polytheistic Christian's?
  88. Episcopal Gay Union Blessings
  89. Orthodox Prayer Rope
  90. marian apparitions and weeping statues
  91. Mormon polygamist vs. other types
  92. hi all/and my beliefs...curious to hear about yours
  93. Norvicensian Christian Witchcraft
  94. How many different types of Christian Witchery are there?
  95. Churches and homosexuality
  96. Christian-Wicca, is it possible?
  97. Advent and Christmas
  98. Works of Art
  99. Confused!Help!
  100. Christopaganism?
  101. Question for Christian-Witches
  102. Christian magick?
  103. The End Days
  104. question on what happened to those who died before Jesus came?
  105. witches or Christians
  106. Blending Witchcraft with Christianity
  107. A few questions, please help, thank you!
  108. RE christian Witchcraft
  109. Nominations for Paths: Christian Witchcraft Guides
  110. Christian Pagans
  111. Zeus vs. Jesus
  112. Angels anyone?
  113. Was early Judaism Polytheistic?
  114. Please welcome your new forum guide...
  115. The Holy Ghost. My opinion.
  116. Fear of Christians?
  117. Angelkin: Fallen, but not too far
  118. For those interested in Gnosticism....
  119. Summer solstice
  120. Gnostic Christians: The Bible
  121. Christian Mixed with other Paths
  122. Christian Runes?? YES!
  123. The One True God?
  124. Is Magick more powerful than God?
  125. Elements of my path in popular Christian books
  126. Do you go to church?
  127. How important is the historicity of Jesus?
  128. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene
  129. Female God (Mary/Sophia)
  130. Have you ever considered...?
  131. Christo-Paganism Incompatibility
  132. Christian Wiccans
  133. Shamanic Christianity
  134. Life Verses
  135. How Can I Help?
  136. Matthew 28:17-20
  137. Getting over the guilt and shame?
  138. Basic Question
  139. The Second Coming of Jesus - he's back
  140. Still looking for my path...problems
  141. Your Story - From Christian to ____: what's the scoop?
  142. Christian Magik Creed
  143. Food Blessings
  144. A good Christian circle consecration/blessing...
  145. Can I still be a Christian Pagan and not believe in the resurrection?
  146. Is it possible to have known the real Jesus Christ in a past life?
  147. Let's get Theosophical!!!
  148. The O Antiphons and the Winter Solstice
  149. Gnosticism and Wicca
  150. What does Jesus' name mean?
  151. The Jesus Puzzle
  152. uniting the Christian church
  153. Can you be a born-again Christian and still practice some forms of magick?
  154. Rant: Subtle insults by text
  155. I try so hard to be good and feel that the bad people are rewarded :(
  156. Christian witchcraft vs. Wicca
  157. Do you ever get a kick out of people's reaction when you tell them...
  158. Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch to Live?
  159. Rituals?
  160. Finding The Right Path
  161. What if it was all the translators instead?
  162. Faith in Translation
  163. Forum Guide Nominations for Paths: Christian Witchcraft
  164. Christian Witch Practices
  165. New here and would like to join...
  166. rapture opinion please.
  167. Seeking advice
  168. Reincarnation vs Heaven & Hell
  169. Web of the Wyrd - What is it?
  170. Where in the bible...
  171. Seeking my path, I feel so alienated
  172. The end times? Are we there?
  173. Christian witchcraft...white or black magick
  174. When a snake smiles
  175. Forum Guide Nominations for Paths: Christian Witchcraft
  176. Paths: Christian Witchcraft - new guide
  177. Poll: Do You Celebrate Both the Christian Holy Days and the Pagan Sabbats?
  178. Views on sex
  179. Magic and Prayer
  180. Christian Witchcraft book and website recommendations
  181. Other Resources that Could Be Used by the Christian Witch
  182. Imbolc/Candlemass?
  183. Ostara/Spring Equinox Celebrations
  184. Question for Christian Witches
  185. Reconciling the Bible, Witchcraft, and Christian Wicca.
  186. Joining In Rituals, etc.
  187. Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
  188. Anyone here from Iowa?
  189. Theurgy vs Sorcery
  190. Beltane!
  191. Evanglists to elements...correspondences
  192. Struggling
  193. Uncertainties
  194. Norvicensian Christian Witchery-expired links
  195. How do you raise a child in the Christian witchcraft faith?
  196. For my daughter
  197. Greetings <><
  198. Order of the Astral Star?
  199. Connecticut/Northeast
  200. Question for CWs
  201. Chanting
  202. Christian Athame?
  203. Show off your altars?
  204. Martinism?
  205. Jewitchery?
  206. This is the type of heretic I am : )
  207. Judeo-Paganism and Jewitchery Links
  208. Mary Magdalene's Feast Day
  209. Lammas Celebrations
  210. Just the gospels?
  211. Theology on Tap
  212. Paying for Heaven and heaven-on-earth?
  213. Holy (Egyptian) Trinity?
  214. Gnostic theology?
  215. Christian witches and autumnal equinox
  216. The Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and Pet Blessings...
  217. All Saint's/Soul's
  218. Samhain
  219. "The Jesus Story"
  220. I'm New to Christian Witchcraft
  221. Other Gods/Goddesses in Christian Wicca?
  222. Christian Witchcraft is a way to make prayer physical?
  223. How did you learn about Christian Witchcraft?
  224. For anyone who can't quite get their mind around Christian Witchcraft
  225. Hi, newbie with potentially annoying question!
  226. Lent
  227. Some interaction with a Christian
  228. What Do You Want to See In Here?
  229. Christian Wicca
  230. Christian Witch Beltaine Celebrations
  231. Christian Witch Beltaine Elemental Invocations
  232. Divine Feminine in Islam
  233. Our Favorite Prayers
  234. On a Christo Pagan Path? Drop By and Say Hello!!
  235. Talking about ChristoPaganism
  236. Wild Goose as symbol of Holy Spirit
  237. 'Magical Christianity' by Coleston Brown
  238. Suggestions for a child
  239. An Affirmation of Faith
  240. The Magical Blend
  241. Guided by Something
  242. Which version of the Bible do you use (if you use one)?
  243. Sister Karol's Book of Spells and Blessings
  244. Two questions for Christian Witches...
  245. Christianity, Witchcraft and the Bible
  246. Scripture and the Sabbats
  247. Enochian Magic
  248. Meeting the gruffer sides of the angels?
  249. Tools for a Christian Witch?
  250. Thoughts (aka: more "mememe!")