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  1. Gaudi and the WTC
  2. Colonial House and some random thoughts
  3. Lithuanians...
  4. The Magdalene laundries
  5. The Challenger Disaster
  6. US National Registry of Sounds opens
  7. The Doomed Voyage of the Karluk
  8. History Hunt!
  9. Black History Month
  10. George Sand to Join the Panthéon?
  11. Art as a form of Torture?!
  12. Possible origin of the tales of cyclops
  13. Salem witch trials?
  14. Amityville truth or hoax
  15. The Jersey Devil
  16. Oak Island Money Pit
  17. camp fire tales
  18. Honest Abe---the despotic racist dictator?
  19. Partners of the Heart
  20. Geologists investigate Trojan battlefield
  21. Who Built Stonehenge? Tantalizing Clue!
  22. Titanic Quiz x 2
  23. Inca exhibit at Yale University
  24. Community Museums
  25. Odin and the Runes-Please Help
  26. ~~*Sir Ernest Shakleton*~~
  27. Ancient Egyptian city discovered!
  28. The value of the "publicly shocking" witch
  29. Help
  30. A Map of All the Stone Circles in the UK
  31. Women's History Month
  32. Possible American Revolution-era cannon found in NJ
  33. Female Anatomy Inspired Stonehenge?
  34. Gov't to pay for return of U.S. Troops buried in France?
  35. The Purple Cow
  36. Professor Links Pharaohs To Fly Balls
  37. Smells Like Pompeii
  38. Debunking Pseudoarchaeology
  39. And now - wine from Pompeii. . .
  40. Gaelic
  41. Which God Are You?
  42. Was Ancient Rome Like Venice
  43. Archaeologists Unearth Stonehenge Bodies
  44. Witchhunting in the 1980's.
  45. Oracle of Dionysus found?
  46. birthmarks
  47. I just found this site
  48. some NYC magickal history
  49. Research
  50. Queen Nefertiti's mummy found?
  51. 'Out of Africa' theory gets backup.
  52. Divers begin mapping Lake Erie shipwrecks.
  53. Wicca History/Gardner
  54. Castle gives up status symbol
  55. Medieval ship: conservation plans
  56. "James ossuary" is a hoax
  57. Seahenge
  58. Japanese govt helps fallen Easter Island idols get back on their feet
  59. Police station could hold medieval secrets
  60. Ancient Tibetan Relics Found
  61. Christianity from outer space?
  62. 4,000-Year-Old Aboriginal Cave Art Found in Australia
  63. Stonehenge: Ancient Sex Symbol?
  64. 25,000 Year Old Human Bones
  65. Tomb of ancient Mexican civilization found
  66. Where did we begin? New research...
  67. Fish bones reveal trade Roman routes?
  68. Virgin Mary Church remains discovered
  69. The True Cross: Seperating Myth from History
  70. Irish "Famine" ship's Voyage Reproduced.
  71. 8000 years of human history at Heathrow
  72. Egypt wants Rosetta stone back
  73. DNA used to solve Christian mysteries
  74. Riddles of the Anasazi
  75. Ancient Taoist Medicine bottles found
  76. Ancient Roman...makeup!?
  77. ~Web guide to European megaliths ~
  78. Babylon: Rise, Fall, Rise...
  79. Mysteries of a Sunken City: Goddess Heto
  80. Attention History folks
  81. Anne Boleyn's Family.........
  82. Mazes and Labryinths in History.
  83. Ghosts at Sea.....
  84. The "History" of Witchcraft...
  85. The Myth of "Family Arms"
  86. Zeus temple unearthed in Greece
  87. Interactive King Arthur- Myth vs. Reality
  88. How Well do YOU know the Arthurian Legends?
  89. Adams Other Wife- TLC on Lilith.
  90. In Search of Eden
  91. New findings at ancient Salamis
  92. The Ghost Dance.
  93. Yoruba and other African American Magickal Traditions.
  94. German stonehenge uncovered
  95. What did the Ancient Vikings Wear?????
  96. 6,000-year-old statuette found in Sumperk area
  97. When time erases written languages
  98. Polynesia
  99. Alternate Viewpoint on Symbolism of Pyramids.
  100. Jeffersons Mistress- Sally Hemings.
  101. Iron age coins found
  102. Forgotten Roman City Revealed!
  103. Rare Bell Shrine found in Ireland....
  104. Earliest Prehistoric Cave Art Found.....
  105. Slaves did not build the pyramids?
  106. Wow. Thats one old spoon...
  107. Bones found beneath Ben Franklin's house
  108. Evidence of an Indian uprising
  109. History of Dublin??
  110. Tensions high over Acropolis building site
  111. Oops! Roman treasure not as old as once thought?
  112. How Long Ago was America Settled?
  113. Dig Yields Fortune in British History...
  114. SCA denies Mummy is Nefertiti.
  115. Archaeology To The Rescue
  116. Vatican Spokesman: "The Church Never Persecuted Gallileo"
  117. Coming to a backyard near you!
  118. A little Roman fashion anyone?
  119. Hindu/Muslim Controversy
  120. Ancient writing system autopsy
  121. Egyptian Mummy deteriorating..
  122. Unknown Goddess unearthed
  123. Found any 9000 year old artifacts lately?
  124. Successful skull operation in 100-150 B.C.
  125. Ancient pirates of Antikythera
  126. Francisco De Coronado
  127. A new (ancient) stone circle unearthed.
  128. More pirates: Blackbeard!
  129. 2100 Year old fish trap found
  130. Developing Chronology Of Stonehenge Construction
  131. Noe's [Noah's] ark Built at Stone hedge [Stonehenge]
  132. Underwater Stoneage Site found in UK.
  133. Forgotten graves found in Georgia
  134. More Rosetta stone controversy
  135. a request
  136. Greeks borrowed Egyptian numbers
  137. Travelling the Silk Road
  138. Real Pirates of the Caribbean
  139. Mystery of the Third Buddha
  140. Baghdad Museum Cleanup
  141. Lost cities of the Amazon revealed
  142. Warrior Queen Unearthed
  143. Gardener Unearths Magical Treasure
  144. Last person hanged for witchcraft in US
  145. 5000-year old axe head found on Stonehenge WHS
  146. Save Stonehenge!!!!
  147. 10,000 year old settlement discovered in Vermont
  148. Prehistoric munitions factory found in Alaska
  149. Closer to Ramses II
  150. Afghanistan’s hoard of 20,000 gold objects under the palace
  151. Ancient stone figurines found in Henan
  152. Lost city of Atlantis 'found'
  153. Roman baths threatened by...water!
  154. A real Xena?
  155. Secret Ancient Monument Markers of Artifacts
  156. New technology for archeaologists
  157. Ancient Biological Warfare
  158. Older Layers Of Pompeii Unearthed
  159. Halloween FAQ's
  160. Welsh are genetically NOT Celtic!
  161. Ancient corncobs unlock mysteries!
  162. help!!!!!!!
  163. Britain and France in dispute over cave art
  164. Maryland: Large slave village dig planned
  165. Dig it up and and bury it.
  166. Lasers uncover Stonehenge secrets
  167. Mercy Brown...framed as a Vampire..
  168. Possible Origins of Halloween Symbols.
  169. Religioustolerance.org on Halloween.
  170. How could this happen twice?
  171. Amelia Earhart's Gravesite Found?
  172. Robin Hoods Grave Dug Up?
  173. Where Was Boudicca's last Battle?
  174. Robin Hood's grave dug up
  175. Pirates of the Atlantic!
  176. Worlds oldest rice found
  177. Scandinavians came to the New World twice before Columbus?
  178. Jesus' stomping grounds
  179. Who Destroyed Megiddo?
  180. Career's in History
  181. Define 'Fertility Cult'
  182. More pirate history
  183. The Alexandrian Witches......
  184. Hardcore History: Witchcraft
  185. Piri Re'is Map
  186. USS Arizona mapping efforts
  187. Anger at quarry threatens prehistoric site
  188. Dating of the Sphinx
  189. The role of climate in human evolution
  190. Noah's Ark
  191. German Firm To Save Easter Island Sculptures
  192. Etruscan Demons & Monsters unearthed
  193. St Nicholas ... fact or fiction?
  194. New Book Claims Rob Roy was a Spy!
  195. Orkney- Ceremonial Capitol of Ancient Britain?
  196. Large-scale sacrificial relics site found in Tibet
  197. archaeologist shocked at destruction of ancient landscape
  198. Ancient bones from Honduras said to be Olmec
  199. Ancient Lost City Found In the Jungle
  200. Encyclopedia Mythica
  201. How much do we know about Shakespeare.
  202. Forensic Files & JFK Special
  203. The worlds oldest kitchen
  204. 'Jomon period' rock carvings faked
  205. Gaza street?
  206. Tourist Boom Threatens Peru's Machu Picchu
  207. History of the word Wicca
  208. Flu epidemic of 1918 not natural?
  209. Vietnam restores ancient Buddhist mummies
  210. Serpent Mound
  211. Menu from the Titanic Sells for $49,500
  212. faery wicca
  213. Viking queen may be exhumed for clues to killing
  214. Ancient Greek verses discovered in Vatican
  215. Stone age research center opens in Indiana!
  216. Mysterious Javanese Coins Found in London Mud
  217. 'Lost' Avebury stones discovered
  218. Hunt for Lost City of Atlantis
  219. Gallic Celts! Know anything about them?
  220. Stone Age art Shamanic in nature
  221. History of Wicca in England: 1939-PRESENT DAY (very long)
  222. *REAL* vintage wine
  223. Christmas 300 years before Christ!
  224. Evidence Found of Arctic Hunters Living in Siberia Near New World 30,000 Years Ago
  225. Artifacts in Kansas
  226. Shaman Initiation
  227. Paulus Grillanus?
  228. What was the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians?
  229. The Mystery Of Mithra
  230. Ancient hunting artifacts revealed in Yukon
  231. Indonesia Jones
  232. Did Christianity End Public Sport?
  233. Pirate stuff: More of Blackbeard artifacts
  234. Return of the Damned: the curse of Roland Jenks
  235. More than 1000 bronze artifacts retrieved...
  236. The battle to save Saxon past
  237. Psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus
  238. Lost Lewis & Clark artifact found
  239. Secrets beneath the Baltic Sea
  240. Who KILLED JFK?
  241. the destroyer
  242. Artifact recalls the Witchs' shadow?
  243. Cain and slurs toward Gypsies
  244. Incan counting system decoded
  245. A Rare glimpse at Egyptian tombs
  246. Austria claims to have invented Tartan kilts!
  247. Few men?
  248. The Sphinx in South America
  249. Davinci invented natural plastics?!
  250. Parting the Red Sea tutorial