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  1. Dioceasan Council of Conserans?
  2. More Crowley stuffs :)
  3. In Search of Shakespeare
  4. Was Jesus Married?
  5. Comparisons between Aradia and the Liber Juratus?
  6. Tourists to look for Persion Army
  7. Items 9,000 Years Past Use-By Date
  8. A lost world under the North Sea has been mapped
  9. New Techniques record ancient art of ancestors
  10. England's First Viking Boat Burial?
  11. Looters trash Iraq archaeological sites
  12. Digging under Stonehenge?
  13. historical maps (geneology)... any links?
  14. "Unlucky" souvenirs returned to Uluru
  15. Old Names for Yaqui
  16. A Christian Article About St. Patrick
  17. Celtic-Chinese Silk and Money
  18. 600 year old suburb!
  19. Phat Wiccan Wolverine, Y'all
  20. 1000 years of Ghana history
  21. Hills of the Dead
  22. The Altai - Siberia
  23. Shroud of Turin
  24. Construction for Olympics unearths treasures
  25. The Last Witch Burning
  26. Fresh Bronze Age treasure find
  27. Saving Easter Island
  28. Witch bottle found!
  29. Remains of viking harbor found
  30. Tara under threat
  31. Bubonic plague traced to ancient egypt
  32. King Tut liked his wine
  33. Crowley's life coming to the silver screen
  34. Just Curious
  35. Corpse of monk in lotus position who died in 1723 found
  36. Tagging ancient rock art...morons.
  37. Does anyone kniow the history of the Celtic cross?
  38. Planning application looms for Britains Henge Capital
  39. about a word/name that came to me in an odd moment
  40. Ancient Indians made 'rock music'
  41. Ancient Aztec Temple Reborn in Sun Worship..
  42. Archaeologists View "The Passion".
  43. New Info on America's Lost Colony...
  44. The Historical Dracula.
  45. History of the Wiccan Rede...
  46. Catholic Saints' Halos...?
  47. I need some information on pagan/wiccan history
  48. Go to the dentist already!
  49. Pre-Hellenic Pelasgian culture?
  50. First Frontal Portrait of Pharaoh Found in Egypt
  51. Wellsprings of Japanese Spirituality
  52. Olympic Game Myths
  53. Virtual Mummy Tour
  54. Is Eve still kicking?
  55. Genghis Khan a Prolific Lover, DNA Data Implies
  56. Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895?
  57. Ancient Burial found of human and cat
  58. Oldest evidence of cat taming in Cyprus
  59. Favorite Ancient Landmark...
  60. If given the chance...
  61. Civil War Debate
  62. Ethiopia to Exhibit 'Lucy' Fossil in United States
  63. Cleopatra and Antony
  64. Some Famous Dreams in History
  65. Warrior's grave points to a Druid site
  66. Pelagius: URGENT Help Needed!
  67. English-Scots Split Goes Back 10,000 Years
  68. Mesopotamian Death Rites
  69. Divers find Morgan's lost pirate ship
  70. Hunt for Atlantis Leads Researcher to Cyprus
  71. More mummies!
  72. Could Einstein not tie his shoes??
  73. The Sidhe
  74. Clay Tablets, Helen of Troy, and other things
  75. The China skyline...1500 years ago
  76. Lots of cool medieval stuff found..
  77. Another search for Atlantis
  78. Let this be true...
  79. History of Mother's Day
  80. 4000 year old music pipes found in Ireland
  81. Underwater, man-made islands...
  82. Golden Boadicea necklet found
  83. Does the World need Hitler's from time to time?
  84. How to rescue the Osirion tomb of Abydos
  85. Albion
  86. Kenyan Rock Art Stumps Experts
  87. Oldest tomb ever of the Western Zhou Dynasty?
  88. Barbarians of northern Honshu and southern Hokkaido
  89. Buddha's new birthplace?
  90. TROY : Evidence Behind the Myth
  91. Netherlands excavation getting in touch with the Roman Empire
  92. New native american artifacts
  93. Group Unearths Part of Ancient University
  94. Major excavation to open Viking graves
  95. Archaeologists search for lost Torah near Auschwitz
  96. Family Myths?
  97. Ancient Egyptians Were Jokesters
  98. Chinese archeaological new brief
  99. Another piece of Britain's "Henge Capital" to be destroyed by Anglo American?
  100. Revealing Ancient Bolivia
  101. Egypt to Catalog Artifacts in Neglected Basement
  102. Satellite images 'show Atlantis' ?
  103. Abe Lincon Suicide Poem?
  104. Roman Industrial Estate
  105. Ancient Wonder Bra
  106. Which came first, Athena or Athens?
  107. Necropolis Unearthed Outside Cairo
  108. Orpheus Grave Mystery Unveiled in Bulgaria
  109. Renaissance Cookery Book
  110. Egyptian tombs reveal complex society
  111. The shadow of Babylon
  112. Ancient Graves found on Welsh Cliffs
  113. The Burning Times revisited
  114. Colonial Surgery?
  115. Ancient Beijing temple destroyed in fire
  116. Stonehenge built by Welshmen?
  117. Grand Canyon is ailing, but panel cant agree on a prescription
  118. What's your favorite moment in history?
  119. Three Queen Guinevere's...?
  120. Nepal worries about a sweating statue
  121. hidden Renaissance fresco discovered in Spain
  122. YOUR opinion!
  123. The Societty for Creative Anachronism
  124. If Jesus were alive today...
  125. Mummies in 3D!
  126. 'In Plain Sight. Old World Records in Ancient America'
  127. Pieces Out of Time
  128. Who created the earliest artwork?
  129. Info on why certain places are sacred
  130. Who?
  131. Welsh Religion and Paganism
  132. New take on the 'Out-of-Africa' theory
  133. recovering from patriarchy
  134. The Diet Of A Roman Gladiator
  135. Objectionable thoughts
  136. History: The Point of View
  137. origin of satan?
  138. The earliest use of Wiccan?
  139. Britain's First Nude
  140. Coin Reveals Little Known Roman Ruler
  141. Record number of objectons for Tarmac's henge quarry plan
  142. Genesis of the Grail Kings
  143. Polytheistic Judaism (and other Jesus/etc-related stuff?)
  144. Iron Age 'nerve center' Uncovered on Hill
  145. Wales - History and Religion
  146. Ireland *is* Atlantis, Scientist claims
  147. Archaeologists confused by abonded fort in Scotland
  148. How far does Paganism date back?
  149. Dionysian Rites=The Witch Cult!?!
  150. Cave linked to John the Baptist
  151. A Living Link to the Amazons Found
  152. In Praise of Barry Fell
  153. Link between fossils and Greek beasts
  154. Battle to preserve Thornborough Henges
  155. Isis figurine unearthed in UK
  156. dating mistakes could upset neandertal theories in Europe
  157. More mummy tech
  158. Searching for a new big Buddha!
  159. Khufu's pyramid: update
  160. A question about the Mabinogion
  161. No Christianity - what if?
  162. Italian mummy source of 'The Scream'.
  163. Did the first new Americans come from...Austrailia?
  164. Viking burial site unearthed in England
  165. Sweden's Monster Is Now Fair Game
  166. U.S. colleges and universities
  167. Remember how women got the vote! A History Lesson
  168. famous goddess sculpture on tour in the UK
  169. A New Tribe?
  170. Davinci Code
  171. Lewis and Clark
  172. A Saint, a Pagan Goddess, 6 Bishops and a Tree
  173. Incans smashed and burned before leaving...
  174. Unrest in Middle East sets back archaeological research
  175. Isabel uncovers shipwreck
  176. Signs of an earlier America
  177. Is history important to you for religious worship?
  178. Did Leonardo know Mona Lisa?
  179. Atlantis Thread
  180. homo erectus remains found in Americas?
  181. What's your personal mythology?
  182. Renaissance +/- rings, does anyone know why??
  183. Greek grave find could change assumptions about ancient Greece
  184. Tracing Family Trees...
  185. Whats you favourite time period in the 1900's?
  186. Interesting Biography of Elizabeth Parris
  187. Interesting Family Trees
  188. British Museum has the ark of the covenant
  189. Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators
  190. Salem Trials
  191. Boxing day?
  192. Digging up a judge...
  193. Jing'an Temple predates city
  194. Digital Pompeii
  195. Queens
  196. What Happened to the Arab World?
  197. Artifacts Found Near Texas Coast
  198. Question/Historical Landmark in Indiana?
  199. Tutankhamen mystery
  200. My research paper for World Civ. -_-
  201. Sunken 19th-century ship discovered...thanks to hurricanes?
  202. Against My Beliefs
  203. Rare Gallic War Treasures Discovered in southern France
  204. a cool website about Russian myth and folklore
  205. someone stole John Dee's scrying crystal!
  206. Stories of Satyrs and Characterizations
  207. Celtic Women
  208. Remains of Last Russian Czar Nicholas II Not Authentic Japanese Researchers
  209. When Jesus walked in Japan
  210. Erotic Pagan Carving Found Smashed in Church
  211. Romans and Christians
  212. Elves?
  213. The Oldest And Most Ancient Symbol in The World
  214. pre-Malleus witchcraft mural
  215. Herstory and the 'women' that means everyone
  216. Wonderful witch-hunt essay!
  217. Canadian witch-hunts?
  218. Need Stonehenge Facts
  219. Protestors take quarry row to museum
  220. Journal of German Mythology and Folkflore (JGMF)
  221. Has anyone heard about this?
  222. History from computer games
  223. Temples Indicate Swift Rise of Hawaiian Society
  224. Unidentified Race...
  225. Fairies in history?
  226. In Memory of Martin Luther King Jr.
  227. need help translating.....
  228. Has a Year Wheel symbol ever been found as a cavepainting, rockcarving or the like?
  229. Pirates
  230. an interesting site on ancient Greece
  231. Who ruled the Dutch countries in Europe in ancient times
  232. Journal of Northern European Studies
  233. Auswich day (I think I spelt it right)
  234. Ancient sanctuary to Hermes found!
  235. The Japanese Schindler: Chiune Sugihara
  236. Who built the Giza Pyramids ?
  237. Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain's Roman army
  238. The Bock Saga-truth long hidden
  239. Americans and "our" history
  240. the Columbus letter
  241. US historical photo archive
  242. This is big
  243. neat PBS series explores ancient Chinese explorers
  244. Camels in Kansas?
  245. Ancient City discovered near India
  246. 6th Century BC Heelstone Scroll Trench
  247. anyone read Ancient Egypt Magazine?
  248. Tell Me Everything about Western Civilization starting in 1600 AD or CE
  249. Project on the history of the Celts
  250. Paul of Tarsus is at it again