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  1. Britain's biggest Roman villa uncovered on Isle of Wight
  2. Remembering The Cold War
  3. 2,000 Bodies Discovered in Berlin Medieval Cemetery
  4. A People's History (The 20th Century) - Howard Zinn Audio Book
  5. Question for latin readers
  6. Denke's Stonehenge Snow Fence Confirmed
  7. Should the Allies have taken Berlin before the Soviets?
  8. Stonehenge Partiers Came From Afar - this one's for you, Garry!
  9. Born today 18th September 1909
  10. Sadly departed today on the 18th September 1951.
  11. DNA Based Neanderthal 'Construction'
  12. Re: Departed today 20th September 2001
  13. Re: Departed today on the 21st September 2001
  14. Scholar claims to find medieval Jewish capital
  15. Neanderthals Ate Dolphins, Seals, Cave Remains Suggest
  16. Skulls and bones found during dig
  17. 'The Odyssey' and 'The Iliad' are giving up new secrets about the ancient world
  18. Stonehenge Hospital
  19. Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'
  20. Archaeologists Unveil Majestic Roman Ruins That Rival Riches of Pompeii
  21. Re: Born today on the 02nd October 1857 :-)
  22. The 3 Kingdoms and the Huns
  23. Oooop's born today yesterday the 2nd of October 1917
  24. Re: Born today on the 06th October 1909.
  25. Re: Query. can I ask???
  26. Witches of Cornwall
  27. Witch Mural at Massa Marittima
  28. 8 years ago today...
  29. Re: Born today on the 12 October 1875.
  30. Would someone knowledgable with Roman history be able to help?
  31. child's grave at Stonehenge had a toy hedgehog in it
  32. evidence of spellwork in Cornwall UK
  33. Helernus [A Roman God]?
  34. "Gladiator" Tomb Discovered In Rome
  35. Re: Born today on the 18th October 1616.
  36. Medieval Witchcraft as IE Shamanic Continuation
  37. Re: Born today on the 27th October 1927.
  38. A History Of Witchcraft
  39. Re: Departed today the 29th October 1997.
  40. Christopher Hitchens on Thomas Paine's Rights of Man
  41. Who is Aidan Kelly?? A new Biography.
  42. Archaeologist says he found oldest Hebrew writing
  43. Dead People in 1700s Were the First Celebrities
  44. Re: Born today on the 10th November 1493.
  45. 12,000 Year Old Shaman Unearthed in Israel
  46. Re: Departed today on the 13th November 1963.
  47. Google Earth revives ancient Rome
  48. Ancient Celtic coin cache found in Netherlands
  49. The Alternate History Theme Park Where Dinosaurs Fought in the Civil War
  50. Gobekli Tepe: The World's Oldest Temple?
  51. Re: Departed today on the 15th of November 1280.
  52. Great Pyramid Mystery to Be Solved by Hidden Room?
  53. Record find of oracle bones in Shaanxi
  54. Re: Born today on the 17th November 1907.
  55. Ancient grave reveals 'Flintstone' nuclear family
  56. Cache of Celtic Coins Uncovered in Dutch Cornfield
  57. Re: Departed today on the 20th November 1918.
  58. Scots unearth ancient 'treasures'
  59. £350,000 gold collar hailed as best iron age find in 50 years
  60. Bulgarian archaeologists unearth ancient chariot
  61. Re: Born today on the 25th of November 1897.
  62. Marine archaeologists find remains of slave ship
  63. Photos reveal Hadrian's history
  64. Explorers find ancient boat in Black Sea
  65. Re: Born today on the 30th November 1942.
  66. Re: Born today on the 01st December 1952
  67. How Hitler perverted the course of science
  68. Roman ‘factory town’ for oil lamps found
  69. geneology buffs: ancestry.com discriminates!
  70. Re: Departed today on the 7th of December 1985.
  71. Re: Departed today on the 09th December 1999.
  72. Re: Departed today on the 11th of December 1781.
  73. Scientists find 2,000-year-old brain in Britain
  74. 5 Government Programs That Backfired Horrifically
  75. "Birth of Jesus Christ: June 17", Australian astronomer says
  76. New face of Cleopatra assembled
  77. Re: Departed today on the 16th of December 1860.
  78. Scientist says he has found oldest spider web
  79. World's First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years
  80. Ancient tongue inscribed on Sudan statues
  81. Battlefield relics could rewrite Roman history
  82. 'Deep Throat' Mark Felt Dies at 95
  83. Two 4,300-year-old tombs unveiled near Cairo
  84. Secret arms found aboard wreck of Lusitania
  85. General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism
  86. Angels uncovered in 350-year-old painting
  87. Re: Born today the 1st January 1854.
  88. Meteorite Triggered Ancient New York Tsunami?
  89. Re: Born today (Doreen Valiente) on the 4th January 1922.
  90. Re: Born today (Dion Fortune) on the 6th January 1890.
  91. Prince Madoc and the Legend of White Indians
  92. Re: Born today (S.L. MacGregor Mathers) on the 8th of January 1854
  93. Mummy of female pharaoh uncovered
  94. Venus Figures Found In Ritual Setting
  95. Re: Departed today (Nicholas Culpeper) on the 10th January 1654.
  96. Circle of Stones found under Lake Michigan
  97. Re: Departed today (Old Dorothy Clutterbuck) on the 12th January 1951.
  98. Istanbul's ancient past unearthed
  99. Ancient Statue of Iraq
  100. Ancient Amazon Warrior Statue Resurrected
  101. Social morés of 17th century France
  102. Assyrian and Babylonian Medicine was surprisingly advanced
  103. 'English Galileo' maps on display
  104. Re: Born today (Zsuzsanna Budapest) on the 20th January 1940.
  105. Religious Sects in Medieval Ireland
  106. ROMBASE: online database of Roma history and culture
  107. Re: Born today (Robert Cochrane) on the 26th January 1931.
  108. Wives of Henry the VIII: favorite and least favorite?
  109. Re: Departed to day - William Butler Yeats.
  110. Canada's Stonehenge
  111. Henry VIII's armour reveals he had a 52in girth - for which he paid a terrible price
  112. The man who would have burned New York City
  113. Re: Departed today (Stewart Farrar) on the 07th February 2000.
  114. "Ancient" Syriac bible found in Cyprus
  115. Re: Born today (Eliphas Levi) on the 08th February 1810.
  116. Re: Departed today (Gerald Gardner) 12th February 1964
  117. Human hair found in prehistoric hyena poop
  118. Mass grave uncovered at Aztec dig in Mexico
  119. Re: Happy Valentine, or is it?
  120. Early Maori village unearthed
  121. Egypt's first history book
  122. Re: Born today (Pamela Colman-Smith) on the 16th February 1878.
  123. 10 Shipwrecks that Capture Our Imaginations
  124. Re: Departed today (Agrippa) 18th of February 1535.
  125. Cache of Ice Age fossils found in Los Angeles
  126. Re: Born today (Sybil Leek) on the 22nd February 1923.
  127. playing cards originated in China
  128. Holodomor: The Secret Holocaust in Ukraine
  129. Re: Born today (Friedrich von Spee) on the 25th February 1591.
  130. Earliest 'human footprints' found
  131. Fragments of Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Found
  132. Experts aim to decipher ancient script
  133. Galileo's finger goes on display in Italy
  134. "Nuclear Archaeologists" Find World War II Plutonium
  135. 'Vampire' discovered in mass grave
  136. History of the "digitis imputis"
  137. Re: Departed today (Israel Regardie) on the 10th March 1985.
  138. Re: Departed today (Charles Godfrey Leland) on the 20th of March 1903.
  139. Re: Departed today (Jessie Wicker Bell a.k.a. Lady Sheba) on the 20th March 2002
  140. Who was the pagan that prophecied about the birth of Christ?
  141. Re: Born today (Margot Adler) on the 16th April 1946.
  142. photos of Alaskan medicine men
  143. Heinrich Himmler: Occultist
  144. More Miles Found For Great Wall Of China
  145. Newly Discovered Letters by Benjamin Franklin
  146. Puritan Violence
  147. Re: Departed today (30 April 1975) Ross Nichols.
  148. Re: Here's a new biography, Hans Holzer:
  149. Born today (Dorothy Morrison) on the 06th May 1955.
  150. Re: Departed today (Sir James George Frazer) on the 07th May 1941.
  151. 'Viking ship' discovered in Sweden's largest lake
  152. Re: Departed today (Karl von Eckartshausen) on the 13th May 1803.
  153. Archaeologists uncover remains of ancient empire in Jharkhand
  154. Swastika (good or bad?)
  155. Do Foreigners make the "best" Dictators?
  156. Re: Departed today (Arthur Edward Waite) on the 19th May 1942
  157. He who walks a different path- for those struggling with their path
  158. Roman era reveals expenses claims
  159. Ethiopia: lifting the mystery on rock churches 'built by angels'
  160. Decoding antiquity: Eight scripts that still can't be read
  161. London's magical history uncorked from 'witch bottle'
  162. The Mystery of Australia's Stonehenge
  163. Mystery Lincoln Memo Turns Up In Hawaii
  164. Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you
  165. Which Historical Figures Would You Have Liked to Have Known...
  166. Re: Here's a new biography, Philip Heselton:
  167. Artefacts found at nature reserve
  168. Your Ancestral Heritage
  169. ark of the covenant to be displayed to public?
  170. Dress, Gender and the Menstrual Culture of Ancient Greece
  171. Born today (Scott Cunningham) on the 27th June 1956.
  172. Artemis Temple Discovered in Skopelos
  173. Historic Discovery - Original Copy of Declaration of Independence Found in England
  174. Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist Cracks a Presidential Code
  175. 5 ancient Roman shipwrecks found off Italy coast
  176. The Pyramids are not Surprising
  177. The Black Stone - the Omphalos of the Goddess
  178. Coinage of Ephesus (Artemis associated)
  179. Ancient warrior's skeleton found near Rome
  180. Hidden Gobi Desert relics found
  181. Ancient stone sculpture of Goddess of 6th - 7th Century A.D. discovered
  182. Colonised Countries and Ancestral Heritage
  183. Worlds oldest map found in Spanish Cave
  184. Sinai's turquoise goddess (Mineral)
  185. Strange symbol on a headstone near Ugljevik (BIH)
  186. Ancient Royal Tomb Unearthed in Scotland
  187. the occult revolution?
  188. Historical Accounts of Occult "Duels"
  189. Ancient Aphrodite Figures Hint at Pagan Resistance
  190. Huge Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard Found
  191. Lady of Pacopampa: A woman born to rule
  192. Stone with Sanskrit, Tamil inscriptions unearthed in TN
  193. Ancient cult of the Viking kings
  194. Claude Levi-Strauss dies
  195. Vatican proving Jesus in court?
  196. Leave jane seymour alone!
  197. Monument lifted from Cleopatra's underwater city
  198. Josef Stalin defaced nude drawings with rude comments
  199. New discovery credits ancient Mayans with running water not Spain
  200. The 6 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Historic Treasures
  201. Moors give up ancient secret
  202. Relic reveals Noah's ark was circular
  203. Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo
  204. F-ing Epic: The Antikythera Mechanism
  205. Root Races... The Secret Doctrine
  206. The 5 Most Widely Believed WWII Facts
  207. Mayan Sound Technology
  208. Information on The Potomac and battles at/near there?
  209. San Antonian's film shows JFK the night before assassination
  210. Jonas Mekas scrambling to convert 70,000 rare indie flicks into digital
  211. Greek Pyramids
  212. Medieval roof finial found beside Thames
  213. Rare Bronze Horned-Bracelet, 3,500 Years Old, Found in Israel
  214. Women Knights in the Middle Ages
  215. Did the Vikings make a telescope?
  216. "An Austere Age without Laughter" by Michael George
  217. "The Myth of the Mounted Knight" by James G. Patterson
  218. The Medieval Child: an Unknown Phenomenon?
  219. Internet Medieval Resources
  220. Medical Misconceptions
  221. The battle of Normandy
  222. The Legend of The Goat–riders
  223. Ordeal of Boiling Water, 12th or 13th Century
  224. Early Germanic laws - Ordeal Formulas
  225. Documents of German Unification, 1848-1871
  226. Simon Stevin, Flemish tutor of a Dutch Prince
  227. Leif Erikson - the man who discovered America
  228. Habsburg.net : For serious students of German history
  229. Dresden: Treasures from the Saxon State Library
  230. Germanic folk costumes
  231. what is your family history?
  232. European history project!
  233. History books on ancient Roman and Celtic cultures
  234. New online resource debuts for Nazi-era looted art
  235. "Hex Hitler" parties documented in LIFE magazine, 1941
  236. Ronald Hutton's Been DEBUNKED!
  237. Vikings brought Amerindian to Iceland
  238. Picasso Trove of art surfaces Amdist theft alegations
  239. Garden Wall Gives Away In Pompeii, Latest Collapse At Popular Archaeological Ruins Ne
  240. Prehistoric burials unearthed in Vietnam
  241. Learning from leftovers: a history drawn from turkey bones
  242. Did the Scots visit Iceland?
  243. Kings of Controversy
  244. Math Puzzles’ Oldest Ancestors Took Form on Egyptian Papyrus
  245. Oldest mine in Americas found in Chile
  246. Expert links pagan shrine to first Christmas
  247. Firths Celtic Scotland and the age of the saints
  248. Rod of Asclepius VS The Caduceus
  249. Opinions please~ "Doomsday 2012 Prophecies" (Merlin and Mother Shipton)
  250. The Original Bluestockings