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  1. Bibliography
  2. Hymn to the Unknown God (Peruvian)
  3. An Inca's Death Prayer (Peruvian)
  4. Mohammedan Prayer of Adoration (Persian)
  5. Invocation to Ormazd (Persian)
  6. Prayer to the God of Thieves (South Pacific Island)
  7. Hymn To Cihua-coatl (Mexican)
  8. The Prayer of the Maize (Mexican)
  9. Prayer to the Mexican God of Fire (Mexican)
  10. Hymn of the God of Flowers (Mexican)
  11. Hymn to the All-Mother (Mexican)
  12. Hymn Of Tla-loc (Mexican)
  13. Prayer of the Singer (Mexican)
  14. Prayer to Kami-Dana (Japanese)
  15. Prayer of the Gambler (Hindu)
  16. Hymn to Agni (Hindu)
  17. Prayer to Buddha (Buddhist)
  18. The Salutation of the Dawn (Hindu)
  19. Hymn To Panu (Finnish)
  20. Prayer of the Sower (Finnish)
  21. Hymn to Amun-Ra (Egyptian)
  22. A Prayer for Preservation of the Heart (Egyptian)
  23. Prayer of Transformation Into a Lotus (Egyptian)
  24. Chinese Prayer
  25. Chinese Liturgy
  26. Magical Incantation (Chaldean)
  27. Prayer to the Sun (Chaldean)
  28. Babylonian Prayer For Health (Exorcism of Spirits of Disease)
  29. A Prayer for the Dying (Assyrian)
  30. Address to Supreme Deity (Assyrian)
  31. Navajo Liturgy (American)
  32. Apache Prayer (American)
  33. To the Creative God (Accadian)
  34. On the Writing of a Prayer of Praise (Mexican)
  35. Contents
  36. Preface
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