View Full Version : Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling

  1. CHAPTER XVI: Gypsies, Toads and Toad-lore
  2. CHAPTER XV Gypsy Amulets
  3. CHAPTER XIV A Gypsy Magic Spell
  4. CHAPTER XIII Proverbs Referring to Witches, Gypsies, and Fairies
  5. CHAPTER XII Fortune-Telling (continued)
  6. CHAPTER XI Gypsy Witchcraft
  7. CHAPTER X Of the Haunts, Homes, and Habits of Witches in the South Slavic Lands
  8. CHAPTER IX The Meetings of Witches
  9. CHAPTER VIII Roumanian and Transylvanian Sorceries and Superstitions
  10. CHAPTER VII The Recovery of Stolen Property, Love Charms
  11. CHAPTER VI Of Pregnancy and Charms
  12. CHAPTER V Charms or Conjurations to Cure or Protect Animals
  13. CHAPTER IV South Slavonian and other Gypsy Witch-lore
  14. CHAPTER III Gypsy Conjurations and Exorcisms
  15. CHAPTER II Charms and Conjurations to Cure the Disorders of Grown People
  16. CHAPTER I The Origin of Witchcraft, Shamanism and Sorcery
  17. Preface