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  1. Sea Prayer - Blest be the boat
  2. The Children of Israel - The Children of Israel
  3. Ocean Blessing - God the Father all-powerful
  4. The Ocean Blessing - O Thou who pervadest the heights
  5. Fishing Blessing - The day of light has come upon us
  6. Prayer for Travelling - Life be in my speech
  7. Consecrating the Chase - In name of the Holy Three-fold
  8. Hunting Blessing - From my loins begotten wert thou
  9. Consecration of the Cloth - Well can I say my rune
  10. Loom Blessing (b) - Bless, O Chief of generous chiefs
  11. Setting the Iomairt - The black by the white
  12. Loom Blessing (a) - Thrums nor odds of thread
  13. The Chant of the Warping - Thursday of beneficence
  14. The Clipping Blessing - Go shorn and come woolly
  15. Marking the Lambs - My knife will be new, keen, clean
  16. Hatching Blessing - I will rise early on the morning
  17. A Hearding Croon - The cattle are to-day going a-flitting
  18. Guarding the Flocks - May Mary the mild keep the sheep
  19. Protection of the Cattle - Pastures smooth, long
  20. Herding Blessing (c) - Travelling moorland
  21. Herding Blessing (b) - I will place this flock before me
  22. Herding Blessing (a) - The keeping of God and the Lord
  23. Milking Song - Come, Mary, and milk my cow
  24. Give Thy Milk - Give thy milk, brown cow
  25. Ho, my Heifer - The night the Herdsman
  26. Ho Hoiligean - My treasure thou
  27. Milking Blessing - Columba will give to her progeny
  28. Milk Croon (b) - The charm placed of Mary of light
  29. Milk Croon (a) - Come, Brendan, from the ocean
  30. A Quern Blessing - On Ash Eve
  31. A Blessing of the Parching - Thou flame grey, slender, curved
  32. Reaping Blessing (b) - On Tuesday of the feast
  33. Reaping Blessing (a) - God, bless Thou Thyself my reaping
  34. Consecration of the Seed - I will go out to sow the seed
  35. Smooring Blessing - I will smoor the hearth
  36. Blessing of the Smooring - I am smooring the fire
  37. Smooring the Fire (b) - I will build the hearth
  38. Smooring the Fire (a) - The sacred Three
  39. Kindling the Fire - I will raise the hearth-fire
  40. Blessing the Kindling - I will kindle my fire this morning
  41. The New Moon - In name of the Holy Spirit of grace
  42. Soul Peace - Since Thou Christ it was
  43. The Death Blessing - God, omit not this woman
  44. The Soul Leading - Be this soul on Thine arm
  45. The Baptism Blessing - Thou Being who inhabitest
  46. The Battle to Come - Jesus, Thou Son of Mary
  47. Hail to Thee , Mary - Hail to thee, Mary, Mother !
  48. Hail Mary - Hail, Mary! hail, Mary !
  49. To Whom I Shall Offer - To whom shall I offer oblation
  50. Blessing of the House - God bless the house
  51. House Protecting - God, bless the world
  52. A Resting Prayer - God shield the house
  53. The Dedication - Thanks to Thee, God
  54. Morning Prayer - Thanks be to Thee, Jesus Christ
  55. I Lie in my Bed - I lie in my bed
  56. Soul-Shrine - Thou angel of God who hast charge
  57. The Soul Shrine - God, give charge
  58. Bed Blessing - I am lying down to-night
  59. Sleep Consecration (b) - I am lying down to-night
  60. The Sleep Prayer - I am now going into the sleep
  61. Bed Blessing - I am lying down to-night as beseems
  62. Sleep Consecration (a) - I lie down to-night
  63. Resting Blessing - In name of the Lord Jesus
  64. Sleep Prayer- O Jesu without sin
  65. The Gifts of the Three - Spirit, give me of Thine abundance
  66. Sleeping Prayer - I am placing my soul and my body
  67. The Soul Plaint - O Jesu ! to-night
  68. Come I This Day - Come I this day to the Father
  69. Sleep Blessing - Be Thy right hand, O God
  70. God Guide Me - God guide me with Thy wisdom
  71. Bathing Prayer - A palmful for thine age
  72. The Lustration - I am bathing my face
  73. Prayer for Victory - I bathe my face
  74. Invocation for Justice (b) - God, I am bathing my face
  75. Invocation for Justice (a) - I will wash my face
  76. Desires - May I speak each day according to Thy justice
  77. The Guardian Angel - Thou angel of God who hast charge
  78. The Cross of the Saints - The cross of the saints
  79. The Lightener of the Stars - Behold the Lightener of the stars
  80. The Rock of Rocks - On the Rock of rocks
  81. Jesu Who Ought to be Praised - It were as easy for Jesu
  82. Prayer for Protection - As Thou art the Shepherd
  83. A Prayer for Grace - I am bending my knee
  84. The Guiding Light of Eternity - O God, who broughtst me
  85. Bless, O Chief - Bless, O Chief of generous chiefs
  86. The Rune of the 'Muthairn' - Thou King of the moon
  87. A Prayer - O God, in my deeds
  88. Holy Father of Glory - Thanks be to Thee, Holy Father
  89. Jesu, Thou Son of Mary - Jesu, Thou Son of Mary
  90. God be with us - God be with us
  91. A General Supplication - God, Listen to my prayer
  92. An Invocation to the Graces - I bathe thy palms
  93. God with me Lying Down - God with me lying down
  94. Rune Before Prayer - I am bending my knee