View Full Version : The Epic of Gilgamish

  1. The Twelfth Tablet: Gilgamish, In Despair, Enquires of the Dead
  2. The Eleventh Tablet: The Flood
  3. The Tenth Tablet: How Gilgamish Reached Uta-Napishtim
  4. The Ninth Tablet: Gilgamish In Terror of Death Seeks Eternal Life
  5. The Eighth Tablet: Of the Mourning of Gilgamish, and What Came of It
  6. The Seventh Tablet: The Death of Enkidu
  7. The Sixth Tablet: Of the Goddess Ishtar, Who Fell In Love With the Hero...
  8. The Fifth Tablet: Of the Fight with Humbaba
  9. The Fourth Tablet: The Arrival at the Gate of the Forest
  10. The Third Tablet: The Expedition to the Forest of Cedars against Humbaba
  11. The Second Tablet: Of the Meeting of Gilgamish and Enkidu
  12. The First Tablet: Of the Tyranny of Gilgamish, and the Creation of Enkidu
  13. Title Page & Preface