View Full Version : Fairy & Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry

  1. Some Authorities On Irish Folk-Lore
  2. A Legend of Knockmany
  3. Demon Cat
  4. Shoneen and Sleiveen
  5. Father John O'Hart
  6. The Ganconer or Gancanagh
  7. T'yeer-na-n-Oge
  8. A Witch Trial
  9. Omens
  10. Banshee's Cry
  11. Solitary Fairies
  12. Stolen Child
  13. Legend of Knockgrafton
  14. Cusheen Loo
  15. Sir Samuel Ferguson
  16. Gods of the Earth
  17. The Story of Conn-eda, or the Golden Apples of Lough Erne, by Abraham M'Coy
  18. The Jackdaw
  19. Donald and his Neighbours
  20. Munachar and Manachar, tr. by Douglas Hyde
  21. The Enchantment of Gearoidh Iarla, by Patrick Kennedy
  22. The Haughty Princess, by Patrick Kennedy
  23. The Lazy Beauty and Her Aunts, by Patrick Kennedy
  24. The Twelve Wild Geese, by Patrick Kennedy
  25. A Legend of Knockmany, by William Carleton
  26. The Giant's Stairs, by T. Crofton Croker
  27. Giants
  28. The Three Wishes, by W. Carleton
  29. The Countess Kathleen O'Shea
  30. The Long Spoon, by Patrick Kennedy
  31. The Demon Cat, by Lady Wilde
  32. King O'Toole And His Goose, by S. Lover
  33. Conversion Of King Laoghair's Daughters
  34. The Story of the Little Bird, by T. Crofton Croker
  35. The Priest of Coloony
  36. The Priest's Soul, by Lady Wilde
  37. Saints, Priests
  38. The Phantom Isle, by Giraldus Cambrensis
  39. Hy-Brasail--The Isle of the Blest by Gerald Griffin
  40. Loughleagh (Lake Of Healing)
  41. Rent-day
  42. The Legend Of O'Donoghue by T. Crofton Croker
  43. Tír-na-n-Og