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  1. Welcome to Advanced Paganism
  2. Mundane Magic
  3. Mitakuye Oyasin
  4. Mundane Magic 2.... Bringing the Sacred to the Everyday
  5. Altar construction and orientation
  6. Ley lines
  7. Called to service
  8. Constructs and Energy Manipulation
  9. Conversations on magic
  10. Musical beat and ritual
  11. Mythic Time
  12. Theurgy - ie. magic that isn't mundane
  13. Twin Souls
  14. Why believe?
  15. God Flame
  16. The mechanics of magic and ritual
  17. Can one be a priest / priestess without a following?
  18. Former Catholics vs. Former Protestants
  19. pregnant for 12 months
  20. Geometric Forms And Mental Topology For Fun And Interdimensional Travel
  21. believing vs. knowing
  22. Reverse Kundalini..or Something Else?
  23. Nature Spirits and Love?
  24. Hey Gods! It's feedin time!
  25. Doubt and its role in spirituality
  26. Past Mastery
  27. Energy Work and (vs.?) Equanimity
  28. Aspecting
  29. Masculine Moon, Feminine Sun…
  30. Does being part of the group impede your growth?
  31. Advanced Paganism?
  32. What is the cost of being "Advanced" in practice?
  33. Dancing with the Shadows just outside the Comfort Zone
  34. Emotional Abundance
  35. Ordination Training?
  36. Paganism Corruptable?
  37. What exactly is an oracle?
  38. Raw Anger
  39. Drawing and Using Magic with Music
  40. Source ry
  41. Whole = ? to you
  42. The down side of spirit guides
  43. The Sisterhood of Avalon
  44. Rituals in the Age of Technology - To LED, or not to LED?
  45. Linguistics in Ritual (or) "Why does Latin make my spell sound so cool?"
  46. Forum Guide Nominations for Advanced Paganism
  47. Manipulation vs. Free Will
  48. Spirituality through Norse Paganism
  49. Offensive/defensive magick.
  50. What's a Drum Circle?
  51. Advanced Paganism: New Guide welcome
  52. Spiritual-Sex...Soul Love
  53. How to teach?
  54. Physical vs. Metaphysical
  55. Psychological magic
  56. Submission to deity
  57. Is there a period when your skills / abilities are more active?
  58. Anger...Hate
  59. Egregores and Servitors - Your Thoughts?
  60. The Incomprehensible One and the Trinity
  61. Scrutiny of beliefs
  62. Mystics
  63. My spell-work attracted a feisty spirit
  64. Elemental associations.
  65. What does it mean when you don't have a 'spirit guide'?
  66. How to be an Oracle.
  67. Must prophecies be only about the future?
  68. Eva Pocs - "Demons, Spirits, Witches"
  69. Solitary or Coven?
  70. Cherry-Picking Vs. Traditionalism
  71. Going deeper with the Charge of the Goddess
  72. sexual energies
  73. Moon Phase Traditions
  74. The element of spirit?
  75. Natural Elemental Attunements.. the Pros and Cons
  76. divination, the tree of life, and the sephiroth. what does it all mean?
  77. speaking to me in a language i dont understand, help?
  78. warrior path?
  79. Fiction or Inspiration
  80. Sarcasm v. Belief...what is up with this?
  81. Otherkin <> Shape Shifters
  82. Myth more real than history
  83. cell regeneration
  84. Too much power?
  85. Magic in space
  86. Arthur C Clarke or is there a science of magic?
  87. Student Pagan Organization-HELP!
  88. Taking On Students
  89. The Element of Water
  90. Magus Tower
  91. What's the point of energy constructs???
  92. A magic room or something.
  93. What do you think of the radionic box and subconscius mind programming?
  94. Kymatica - the Duality of consciousness
  95. How Has Your Tool Use Changed Over Time?
  96. The ethics of casting spells for/on others
  97. Ascension- What does it mean to you? Please answer the other ?'s in thread too
  98. Business pagans/wiccans
  99. Preparing for the after-life...
  100. Evolving Constructs
  101. Need help: Family curses?
  102. A lost or fragmented soul ??
  103. What do you considered to be "Advanced"?
  104. Who here has summoned a spirit?
  105. A modern spin on creating Entities
  106. Balloon constructs!
  107. Object Oriented Constructs
  108. Azoth
  109. Cloud Bursting
  110. Demon Summoning Video
  111. Astral Projections and Entities
  112. Different Types of Energy..?
  113. My first astral projection
  114. The Energy System Technique
  115. Design A Tai Chi Workout?
  116. What is the Ovayki current?
  117. Aleister Crowley - Where to start?
  118. Regarding the Holy Guardian Angel
  119. @ All you creative people
  120. How do you know when you're centered and grounded?
  121. Rogue Waveforms?
  122. Shortcomings and reconciling reconstruction when it doesn't fit.
  123. 'Teleportation Device' lucid dreaming technique worked!
  124. First real Evocation
  125. Clergy
  126. Pain and ASC derived from it in ritual context
  127. My Theory of Everything
  128. Well what should we talk of here?
  129. Wicca, Neopaganism and The Mysteries
  130. Proselytizing, Interfaith Dialogue and the Courage of Convictions
  131. My Hard Polytheist Manifesto
  132. The Sacred Responsibility of Cursing: for Noira
  133. The Morality of the Gods
  134. "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" The Risks and Rewards of Spirituality
  135. The Evil Eye
  136. Difference between Gods
  137. Elemental Hierarchy
  138. Religion, Magic and Consent pt. 1: Gods
  139. Religion, Magic, Consent and the Gods 1.a: The Nature of the Gods and Our Relationsh
  140. Summoning
  141. Archspirit
  142. Pagan excorism ?
  143. Astral Travel
  144. For all of you Pagans with gods...
  145. Soul Retrival
  146. Soul Retrival
  147. Have you ever.......
  148. Astral afterlife
  149. Astral the business
  150. workings with jinns
  151. Astral vacation
  152. Astral time travel?
  153. Moon Via Comusta
  154. Theory on how you astrally project.
  155. Wrapping Up This Round of the Eternal "Validating Initiations" Discussion
  156. Filan and Krasskova on Christianity and Celibacy
  157. Filan and Krasskova on Reverence and Respect
  158. Filan and Krasskova on Ordeal and God-Slavery
  159. Just an Idea
  160. Filan and Krasskova on Spiritual and Financial Trials
  161. Grounding and centering
  162. Myths of America II: American Mythology in Theory and Practice
  163. Even More Not All Fun and Games: Death, Danger and Assassination
  164. “Evil”/Unwanted Entities in Wicca
  165. Weird Month
  166. When did the Devil come into Halloween
  167. When things break
  168. Crossing the Abyss
  169. Offering and Communion with Deities
  170. The 28 lunar mansions of Chinese astrology
  171. Starting new when you've already been around the block...
  172. Zodiac or the Moon Phases
  173. Coping with Retrogrades
  174. Grounding/Releasing Between Workings?
  175. Your Community Experiences?
  176. Aspects of God?
  177. Abuse of trust & authority for sexual favours
  178. Lucid dreams or astral travel?
  179. Catholicism, Paganism, Interfaith Dialogue and the Wild Hunt
  180. Amulet/Talisman Creation
  181. Dianic Rites, Gender Identification and Gender Essentialism
  182. Dianic Rites, Gender Identification and Gender Essentialism
  183. Why are there so many paths in paganism?
  184. Suggestions on how to proceed requested
  185. Has Anyone read Israel Regardie's "The Golden Dawn"?
  186. How are meanings assigned?
  187. Death and Identity
  188. Between paths
  189. Revenge and the 3Fold Law
  190. Bleeding excess energy?
  191. Help with Advanced Quarter Theory Analysis
  192. Shredding the Veil between worlds?
  193. The Jehovah God part of it
  194. Techniques of Ecstasy (Vision Quests) ~ Mock Hangings
  195. Does experience always make you darker?
  196. Selfishness in Casting
  197. Past lives
  198. Constructing a group mystery ritual