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  1. Do you belive in Vampires, Were-creatures, and people/stuffs like that?
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  3. Disappearing Birds
  4. Another Texas Chupacabra?
  5. Cryptids
  6. Vampires Real or Fake?
  7. Evidence of 'jungle yeti' found
  8. Does our Adam have clues to ‘Hobbit’ man?
  9. Underwater Nessie Pictures
  10. The Myrtles
  11. Real Gargoyles?
  12. Fairy
  13. The Top 50 Cryptids From Around The World
  14. My dog... (a little weird)
  15. Telekinesis Anyone?
  16. Mothman Legacy
  17. The Myakka "Skunk Ape" Photographs
  18. The Bogeyman
  19. Kiss of the Were.
  20. Footage of unknown water creature.
  21. Chicken with a horn.
  22. Bigfoot Sound Recordings
  23. new bigfoot footage?
  24. Bigfoot spotted in Yukon
  25. Tiger tales swish through Atascosa
  26. Scientists test 'Bigfoot' hairs
  27. Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon
  28. Here be dragons?
  29. Howl in the night stumps residents
  30. Something in Yellowstone
  31. Quebecer claims to have photos of lake monster
  32. Faery Mounds
  33. chupacabra captured?
  34. Another 'dragon' sighting in China
  35. Werewolves
  36. A Leprachaun Sighting
  37. Wisconsin werewolf still being sighted
  38. Brownies
  39. Hunting Season Opens for Mythological Creature
  40. Possible baby Bigfoot caught on video
  41. Mannegishi and Dover Demon
  42. faeries?
  43. Yeti Action Figures and other collectibles
  44. Another Bigfoot video
  45. 'White hyena' in Wales?
  46. Werewolves in Vegas?
  47. Vampires
  48. What were Woodwoses/Satyrs?
  49. US Navy SEAL’s Cryptid Ape Video
  50. Fairies stop developers' bulldozers in their tracks
  51. Scientists to hunt "bigfoot" in rainforest
  52. Possible Mokele-Mbembe sighting
  53. Stegosaur in Cambodia?
  54. any info on bluebirds?
  55. Malaysian society claims to have evidence of Bigfoot colony
  56. New 'Champ' lake monster video surfaces
  57. Beware the Welsh Teggie, witches and more
  58. Red rain could be alien microbes
  59. Want to go Leprechaun watching?
  60. Reported Leprechaun sighting
  61. New Jersy devil, real or not?
  62. Carolina Mystery Beast Is a Rare Abnormal Fox, Experts Say
  63. A mountain of mystery
  64. Mysterious Creatures: Are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster Real or False?
  65. A dragon in every home
  66. Scientists trying to verify possible recent Plesiosaur bones
  67. "REAL" Leprechaun found in Alabama!
  68. Malaysia denies capturing baby "Bigfoot"
  69. Mysterious monsters inhabited Utah Valley waters
  70. fairy pic ??
  71. Real Pictures of the Malaysian Bigfoot may appear in book
  72. Mysterious animal being spotted in Ohio
  73. Pleiadians
  74. Gnomes
  75. 'Killer dragon' eludes Fortean team
  76. Dead MERMAID? Found.....
  77. Mystery beast blamed for killing 3 dogs
  78. 'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine
  79. Did anyone watch "The Beast of Bray Rd"?
  80. Man Bat Sighted
  81. Abductions by Modern Neandertals?
  82. Ark. professor produces e-book on Bigfoot legend
  83. Goatman goes enviromentalist
  84. Who Were The Dogheads?
  85. Nessie's English cousin
  86. Werewolves?
  87. Is Megatherium still alive in the Amazon?
  88. 'Vampire' attack?
  89. Mysterious lion-eating Bili apes finally being studied
  90. Fisherman nets skull fragment of friend
  91. Vampires...real or myth?
  92. China’s own Loch Ness monster
  93. Monster Hunters on the History Channel
  94. Mysterious Giant Bird sighted over Texas
  95. What Was The Coatesville Creature?
  96. Cryptozoological animals = astral wildlife?
  97. Vampire V5 Virus?
  98. 'Werewolf boy' on the run from police after escaping Moscow clinic
  99. Man blames car wreck on Pterodactyl
  100. Cow-eating Tree
  101. Possible Nessie or Naga?
  102. Pontianak in video causes a stir
  103. Pompeii and Herculium body shells.....
  104. Gay Bigfoot & the 7 Weirdest Mythical Creatures in the World
  105. Alien-Like Being Born From A Cow In Thailand!
  106. Didn't there used to be threads in this subforum?
  107. Welcome to the new Cryptozoology forum!
  108. Vampires: the Celtic Connection
  109. Monster Washes Ashore In NY.
  110. Swedish Sea Monster Is Fair Game
  111. "Chupacabra" spotted in Texas
  112. trackers find alledged bigfoot corpse
  113. Dead Bigfoot
  114. dead bigfoot was hoax!!!!!
  115. 'creepy gnome' vid
  116. Mysterious creature discovered in Lake Okanagan
  117. Three more Bigfoot sightings reported
  118. The Giant Predatory Varmint of Turkey Hollow
  119. Finding beasts and blue holes in the Bahamas
  120. The Hound of Mons
  121. I might be a "Wyrd Doggie" (similar to a werewolf?)
  122. 100 Ft. Snake?
  123. Sasquatch News bulletin
  124. Awesome Or Off-Putting: The Honey Island Swamp Monster
  125. The Pope Lick Monster
  126. Is strange carcass another ‘Montauk Monster’?
  127. Siberians complain about Bigfoot’s appetite
  128. The Growling Thing
  129. Satyr issues
  130. The Batsquatch
  131. Giant Worm in Idaho
  132. What do you know about centaurs?
  133. Bigfoot creature photographed in Sierra National Forest
  134. The muck monster
  135. The Barghest
  136. Cryptozoology vs. Mythology
  137. Bray Road Beast-the other white meat
  138. The Beast of Gevaudan
  139. Skin walkers
  140. Jersey Devil Evidence/Proof?
  141. Hyperspace Creatures?
  142. Firefly fairy?
  143. Giant Fly?
  144. Real Vampires?
  145. PsyVampire