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  1. Please light a candle for the Irwin family
  2. the crocidile hunter dies.
  3. Dog Fends Off Rattlesnake to Protect Coyote Friend
  4. My new kitty
  5. Help! My fur baby is not eating
  6. Our new dog...
  7. Strange creature found- PICS
  8. Streaming Animal Cams
  9. The Animal Picture Game is Back
  10. Rare Sumatran Rhino Found in Borneo
  11. Cloning back endangered/extinct animals; Should we?
  12. Dachshund skin problem?
  13. The answer to "dangerous dog breed" laws
  14. My foster dog is a medical mess
  15. Ferret potty problem
  16. I Need some goodluck/good energy!
  17. Being stalked by the neighbors' cat!
  18. Pets and amputation
  19. To all my fellow animal rescuers
  20. Cat won't lose weight
  21. We adopted 2 cats today
  22. Tink died sometime this morning :(
  23. The new foster kittens are half feral
  24. Yuki's getting fixed this morning! (Rabbit)
  25. tricks and treats
  26. I'm getting a cat!!
  27. WTH is up with this??
  28. Weird bug - anyone know what this is? (video)
  29. Cute cat collars I found on ebay,....link
  30. Our poor hampster :(
  31. Plan for evacuating pets is mandated
  32. Bunny show and first bunny website.
  33. My dog is scared of cars!?
  34. Canine Compulsive behaviors
  35. Re no Revil!
  36. Tink had feline leukemia
  37. surgery
  38. Serious help
  39. Please excuse the stupid cat food question.
  40. Very serious!!!!!
  41. My dog has tonsilitis... We think...
  42. German Shepherds Unite!!
  43. Tiger Rattlesnake
  44. More animals to the vet
  45. Funny cat pic
  46. Great Danes and St. Bernards Unite!!!!!!!!
  47. Vet - bad news
  48. I am going to a Dog Behavior Seminar
  49. Rat Show Movie
  50. our cat
  51. chihuahuas and allergies?
  52. Chiweenie!
  53. so, today at the park (pictures)
  54. Dj kitty
  55. Anyone use SoftPaws (or claw caps in general)?
  56. Drunken Bear
  57. Live animals thrown to the tigers - for the amusement of the crowd
  58. WOOT!! Score one for the Pitties!!
  59. Litter training a dog
  60. artificial sweetener can cause canine liver failure
  61. Hot Spots
  62. Cute or Abuse You decide...
  63. Animals killed during pet store break-in -- sad!
  64. kitty can't find litterbox
  65. Update
  66. Kitty Constipated! Help!
  67. Jaguar Sneak Back Into Southwest
  68. Remains of giant camel discovered in Syria
  69. The Neighbor's Cat Strikes Again...
  70. Kittens
  71. Halloween Kittens?
  72. Litter: clumping v. clay v. crystal v. multicat...
  73. animal killing neighbor :-S
  74. Goodbye Beeko Kitty.
  75. Frontline and the First Frost
  76. I'm getting so fat!
  77. Depressing!
  78. Cat starts fire, dog dies attempting to rescue cat
  79. The Llama Song!!!
  80. Allie Looks like she swallowed a Football!
  81. help?
  82. The sick animal drama continues
  83. Seal Clubbing in Canada...
  84. New Kitty
  85. Helix Aspersa
  86. Diana's hospitalized
  87. Oslo gay animal show draws crowds
  88. Skunk
  89. Pics of the New Kitty
  90. The fifth beatle....errr sorta
  91. Animals Moving North as Canada Heats up
  92. Dog training - what comes next?
  93. As if the asshats at PeTA werent in enough trouble..............
  94. 200 Greyhounds Missing, Feared Dead
  95. Search called off for Memphis Manatee
  96. Pelican swallows pigeon in park
  97. HOWL-O-WEEN at PetSmart
  98. Russian Blue
  99. Spontaneous albino!!
  100. Requesting energy for Casey
  101. For Nobie
  102. Siamese Fancies - What to Do?
  103. Black Cat Adoption Banned
  104. kitty containment
  105. Hopefully my new traveling bud!
  106. Tig got out and hit!
  107. HELP!! My familiar just died...
  108. New cat that won't stop talking
  109. New aquatic species found in Hawaii
  110. our poor cat
  111. Poor Purcy
  112. "naaaa naaaa" thats what they say!!
  113. Radar is confused...
  114. Macedonia wildcats fight for survival
  115. Place a dog by the window??...
  116. Dolphin may have 'remains' of legs
  117. My babies!
  118. Energy for cat
  119. one of my gerbils died yesterday :(
  120. Allie finally had her babies
  121. Got my new Aussie shepherd
  122. Jesus image appears on dog
  123. Help me name my chipmunks!
  124. Beijing Issues 1 Dog Per Family Rule
  125. Time For a New Game
  126. Look at this corgi!
  127. something is wrong with Ashe
  128. NEW GAME - Animal Geography
  129. Manatees may be smarter than we think
  130. Dusty's new family member
  131. Heartbroken
  132. Drunken elk stakes its claim to apple tree
  133. New member of the family!
  134. Warm weather wrecks bears' winter slumber
  135. At the vet again
  136. Healing ideas for my dog??
  137. Man Accused of Having Sex with Dead Deer
  138. Interspecies love!!!
  139. Holiday Boarding
  140. Rant on animal mutilation. Just my feelings.
  141. Dog Rules for Christmas
  142. Poor Tigger...
  143. Allie is so confused
  144. We think someone tried to steal our dog yesterday!
  145. Pet Birthdays--Do you celebrate?
  146. Boxing orangutans welcomed home
  147. Another hospitalization
  148. Save Bambi
  149. Article/Video: Female dog adopts orphaned monkey
  150. Porn sparks panda baby boom in China
  151. Help...my poor chihuahua
  152. Pet the kitty
  153. Pets as food.
  154. *big eyes* the bunnies is so cute!!!!!
  155. Behold the cute!!
  156. Help! Dog and baby problems!
  157. homemade dog biscuits
  158. Pandas!!! Serious cuteage
  159. Attention for Guinea Pig Awareness! Please Read!
  160. A little goaty holiday for critter chat!
  161. Cat Litter Recommendations
  162. Ligers and Tigons Oh My...
  163. I don't want kittens!!
  164. Vets suck,witches rule!!!!!
  165. Never hold a mirror in front of a rooster!
  166. Pet Owners Seek Emotional Distress Damages
  167. Heres Mace! The WGSD we adopted from the shelter
  168. Dog tunnels through snow to save owners
  169. Passing on diseases/illness
  170. Cats at risk of Alzheimer's
  171. Bunny Photos!
  172. Wrong to have pets?
  173. Do You Object to Fur Coats (On People)?
  174. Help!!!!
  175. Flea treatments?
  176. Dusty's eyes
  177. uh oh, ANOTHER cat.
  178. Funnel Web Spider in the Dog Bowl.
  179. Loxley got hit by a car
  180. does anyone else ever feel guilty...
  181. World's tallest man saves dolphin
  182. Hunter bags deer with 7 legs
  183. Santa Bubba
  184. Bless the Bullies!
  185. Animal messages
  186. Australops are coming and them some!
  187. A Virgin Birth In England
  188. Weird animal habits
  189. Beings
  190. Cat dropped off 20 miles away finds her way back to owner
  191. A dog that wont stop barking...
  192. My foster cat number is creeping down
  193. New Rescues are coming!!
  194. Polar Bears -enviroment
  195. Max is Top Dog Name in New York City
  196. Cat Rescued from Wall
  197. NEW GAME - What Animals Wear
  198. The Dog Ate What?
  199. Newest Family Members
  200. Thank You All Who Were There For Me
  201. cat calender entry
  202. sick squirrell
  203. Head lice from kids
  204. Ok, my brother is an idiot
  205. Tell me about kittens... I need some advice
  206. In Loving Memory
  207. A great story
  208. Harley
  209. If you have a dog, you're more likely to be pudgy
  210. I want a Sugar Glider
  211. My Familiar just died...
  212. Barbaro
  213. How do you bathe your pooches?
  214. Endangered domestic livestock.
  215. Starfish in turmoil...please help
  216. Senility?
  217. All for the better
  218. All for the better
  219. Chimp Haven; paternity tests being done
  220. not a happy bunny - he's missing his friend
  221. I just wanted to post my fur kid.
  222. Help Needed With My Cats...
  223. Taking pets to the vet
  224. My Familiar
  225. Taking Bravery to New Heights
  226. My cat thinks the icy deck in my fault
  227. Pee-pee pussycat
  228. Had to share...
  229. Daphne broke a tooth!
  230. Budgies
  231. California city plans squirrel extermination!
  232. Chilly Bettas
  233. Healing Wishes
  234. hot stuff needs a home
  235. Healing Energy for sweet Thomas
  236. Gray wolves to leave endangered list
  237. War's lost pets ready for new lives
  238. Grass= food?
  239. Even if they're food for you, or a pet snake or whatever, care about them!
  240. Help With My Cat And Rituals!!
  241. Amazing story!
  242. Mystikitties
  243. Mindy the Munchkin (Walking problem)
  244. my sweeties - sorry no pix
  245. Rabbit May Be Used To Capture Cat-Eating Dogs
  246. poor farm animals
  247. Help to fatten up a dog??????
  248. Poor Little Avalon
  249. Pics: the feral kitten!! I dont believe it! Hope happens!!
  250. Mindy is finally out on her own!