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  1. Pastor sentenced for shotgun killing of cat
  2. Bye, baby. =(
  3. Questions about a nursing mama cat
  4. I got suckered...at work no less.
  5. Sick kitty
  6. DNA traces origin of domestic cat
  7. I still have FOUR DAYS!!
  8. I'm gonna be a mommy!!
  9. I get to babysit a ball python :]
  10. New Kitty!
  11. Kyuui and Miko
  12. Familiars
  13. I just realized something funny.
  14. Interesting Sighting
  15. "Pick on some one your own size"
  16. My Natas is at the vet.
  17. 10,000-year-old frozen baby mammoth carcass found in Siberia
  18. Are ants toxic?
  19. Fleas!!!
  20. Help! Deck Ideas
  21. So precious
  22. my cat was bitten by a snake
  23. What type of litter does your pet use?
  24. Cat condo
  25. Elepehants and Lions to roam North America again?
  26. Hippo-Mouse hybrid discovered near Seattle!
  27. Stories of animal messengers
  28. Tiger feared on the loose
  29. Dahlia
  30. Bats!
  31. Cat Predicts Death of Nursing Home Patients
  32. Anyone following the Michael Vick case?
  33. Dog that burrowed for survivors after 9/11 dies of cancer
  34. Report from the ravenologists
  35. I rescued a toad
  36. Cat using carpet as litter box
  37. Killings of Mountain Gorillas in Congo Prompt U.N. Probe
  38. WOrld record: most spiders on a human body
  39. Bad tenants get pets not allowed in the lease
  40. Siberian Husky
  41. Just Wanted To Let the Critter Chat People Know
  42. dunDUNdunDUNdunDUN
  43. Here's a Question to Keep Everyone Busy
  44. doppleganger
  45. Rabies Information
  46. entomology question
  47. Flood time
  48. After 20 million years, China's white dolphin likely extinct
  49. Jack and his "box problems"
  50. bottle babies
  51. A death in the family...
  52. Flood time, the beginning.
  53. The herd and the flood.
  54. Baby Kittens
  55. The Cat Name Thread!
  56. My poor kitty, please help!!
  57. I just posted photos of the mini horses
  58. Problem With Tera
  59. Authorities Find A Lot Wrong With Buddhist Reptile Rite
  60. I have a new kitty!
  61. My chinchillas (pics!)
  62. Animal Sounds
  63. Rat Macros Blog!
  64. Shrews bite.
  65. My New Kitty!
  66. Flood one pic mix. Lots of pics.
  67. I have a soggy kitty!
  68. Baby kitties!
  69. corn snakes
  70. Had to share - baby otter!
  71. Pit Bulls...Again
  72. "Dogfighting a Sport - Like Hunting"
  73. All Goddesses's Critters
  74. My Cats Are So Funny
  75. Eggs!!! It's eggs!!!
  76. Cute kitty!
  77. Video with Baby Bunnies
  78. I was gifted with two white Serama chickens last night!!!
  79. Sick goat herd. :(
  80. Cat supplements
  81. Issue with male kitten
  82. my cat yodels
  83. Pet Nicknames!
  84. Octopus eats shark
  85. Adopting a Dog
  86. I must cull my vicious rooster
  87. Dog peeing inside
  88. Sick Duck
  89. Mom's dog stung by a bee.. Any advice?
  90. All New Animal Word Game
  91. Animal Abusers
  92. Natural Flea Repellants, please
  93. As The World Melts...Still A Chance To Kill
  94. Traditional whale hunting...with 50 calibre machine guns
  95. one more bottle baby...
  96. Home remedy for Ear Mites?
  97. need some advice about my cat
  98. Dog Charity Event
  99. 7 Quails!
  100. Animal of the Week threads
  101. satelite collars
  102. Pet Cemetary
  103. fascinating...species
  104. World Animal Day
  105. New dog on the way- name please
  106. Wichita Plans to Ban Wallabies
  107. Cat question (don't know what to do).
  108. Do you have a psychic bond with your pet?
  109. do you celebrate your pets' birthday?
  110. Bikers ride to aid pet adoptions
  111. My beloved fuzzball passed on today.
  112. animals that were once thought to be myth?
  113. itty bitty kitty!
  114. Well, it finally happened...
  115. One of our big girls-
  116. Critter Chat Forum Guide Nominations
  117. When To Put an Animal Down
  118. Leash training a rabbit???
  119. Something New
  120. The Tortoise and the Giggling Goons
  121. Seagull steals chips...
  122. Eeek! I can't believe it's only __ days away!
  123. Cat and Crow
  124. "Astounding how all the courts try to evade the question of personhood of a chimp"
  125. new kitty
  126. New arrival to the my own zoo?
  127. Skunks how do you keep them away?
  128. City Council denies 10-year-old's request f0r a Pony
  129. House Guest!
  130. Bugs!!!!
  131. We have kittens!!!
  132. Sibu the Orangutan prefers his women Blonde and tattooed
  133. Enough is Enough!!!
  134. Pets and cancer?
  135. My cat is back, but this isn't really a good thing
  136. Need some critter advice
  137. Tell Us About Your - Bull Dog
  138. Ferrets!!!
  139. Our black leopard
  140. found another dog...
  141. Outdoors To Indoors Equals Weight Gain.
  142. dragonfly experience
  143. Little Steve is growing up.
  144. New Dwarf Manatee discovered in Amazon?
  145. Prayers for Animals?
  146. Lily Poisoning in Cats
  147. Cute Kitty Morphin' Vid
  148. Animals Seized from Rochelle Home
  149. RIP Frank the Cat!
  150. The annual autumn attack! Harmonia axyridis Pallas
  151. Cat with a Cold!
  152. A fish that lives in the trees?!
  153. and then there were three...
  154. Dog survives house fire by hiding in bathtub
  155. I Am Desperate!!
  156. Penny's dead...
  157. Is one of my birds in worse shape than the others?
  158. Zeniquin given to my cat
  159. Fat squirrel trapped behind bars!
  160. guinea pigs and cigarette smoke
  161. Leopard adopts baby baboon
  162. Tell Us About Your - Black Cat
  163. Clam may be the longest-lived animal ever discovered at over 405 years of age
  164. Bugs on my cat?
  165. Any Vets Here? Q About Dog Melanoma
  166. Crocodile in jail after 'having a go' at fishermen
  167. Bunnies and Wires - Not a good mix -
  168. Dirty kitty bum
  169. Cat on last nerve - Vent
  170. Lost cat returns after five years when her canine pal dies
  171. Kittens Chewing
  172. My Baby Boy
  173. Sad news. White deer killed by motorist?
  174. Seamus is Dead
  175. is this true?
  176. Energy for our Basset
  177. RIP~~ Buster
  178. It's been 1yr today <sniff>
  179. Help form the Pet Folks...Please
  180. Loyalty
  181. This is effing disgusting!
  182. Cows flee after seeing McDonald's
  183. Pets for Apartments?
  184. PetEdge Dog Toothpaste recall
  185. Tear Jerker....
  186. Some leave, others come.
  187. Livestock pic slide show, the French way!
  188. Old cat v.s New cat.... ugh
  189. Whale found deep in Amazon jungle
  190. Italy's "black cat day" aims to halt killings
  191. RIP~Shmoo
  192. Tell Us About Your - Small Breed Dog
  193. Preparing for the inevitable. Thoughts on cremation, etc.?
  194. Meet the cat with nine lives and two faces
  195. Time to let go?
  196. Ball Python Investment!!
  197. Jellyfish attack destroys over 100,000 salmon
  198. Blue front amazon
  199. Save the Manatees!!!
  200. Drunken Moose decorates self for holidays
  201. Good Bye Stinkers
  202. Mother *fancyin* cat whiz!!!!!!
  203. Oldest cat in England
  204. Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday at MW
  205. Should cat collars have bells?
  206. Cat survives 19 days with jar on head!
  207. Wealthy dog goes into hiding after receiving death threats
  208. CatGenie
  209. Does Your Cat Watch TV
  210. kitty wigs
  211. Getting a cat!
  212. What's the best pet cleaner?
  213. Kanga-Mouse
  214. Mobile Animal CSI Unit
  215. Funny all animal lovers should read!
  216. Female Ball Python Going Broody
  217. Lick your butt!
  218. Swimming Kangaroo gets eaten by shark
  219. Man bites rabid dog!
  220. Mountain lion sneaks up on woman relaxing in hot tub
  221. Monkeys too Pay for Sex
  222. Working with crazy cat
  223. peacocks!
  224. The Mean Kitty Song
  225. Alien ants devour locals, then go vegetarian
  226. Nine Years Isn't Long Enough.......
  227. My cat likes oatmeal cookies.
  228. So a wolf walks into a bar
  229. We've got kittens
  230. Giant Pike chokes to death on Duck
  231. patella luxation?
  232. Newts
  233. Escaped tiger kills one, mauls two others at SF Zoo
  234. What is it with pets and Green Olives????
  235. Meet the citters!
  236. My cat Spaz
  237. Potty problem, rubbing their face in it.
  238. Egyptian Mau's
  239. Is it possible....?
  240. Guess how many babies and the sexes!
  241. flatulent cat?
  242. Injured Rabbit! Help!
  243. I can't belive it!
  244. Firm offers family allowance for pet-owners
  245. Woman's lost pug given as christmas gift
  246. my familiar died, now what
  247. Really Cute New Pic of Osiris
  248. Why does she attack my jigsaw?
  249. The yaminon needs support. :/
  250. English Bulldogs