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  1. Osiris Just Caught Himself on Fire
  2. Kitty needs help in DC
  3. Badoo's baby, but with a very sad outcome.
  4. Dog retrieves his best friend - a cat buried in the garden
  5. Sick cat - opinions, please?
  6. Urgent Action Needed on Animal Poisoning
  7. Gigantic fossil rodent discovered
  8. Bull survives 56-mile trip down flooded river
  9. Parasite morphs ant into ripe red berry
  10. Kitty Question
  11. Anaversiry
  12. What are your animal totems?
  13. His Highness...
  14. Meet Conan: The Praying Dog
  15. Alaskan Malimute found....
  16. I lost my cat!
  17. My Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot Tortoise
  18. Cat Weight Loss Before They Get Sick... HELP!
  19. Need cat advise - he swallowed plastic wrap
  20. Jasper finally has her babies!
  21. my boys
  22. cat question
  23. Barnacles go to great lengths to mate
  24. Introducing my very large animal family!
  25. Dog Sleep
  26. Bitten by a decrepit old cat!
  27. The SUCKER sign that only animals can read.
  28. Muscovy saved the chickens!
  29. If you haven't seen this yet, prepare to be amazed!
  30. Medicine Question
  31. New Species Discovered--Elephant Shrew
  32. Zoey the Chihuahua
  33. Another new addition
  34. Baby Satin Bun.
  35. Cat flees fire, ends up 240 miles away
  36. Gecko 'begs' insect for honeydew
  37. paper bag conflict
  38. Just wanted to share
  39. I'm obsessed with photographing my cat...
  40. Just a barn cat but....
  41. Loving the Anti Icky Poo!
  42. My elderly cat is dying of thirst
  43. Pet into Guide?
  44. Spay and neuter resource
  45. It'll cost how much??
  46. Mule V. Mountain lion
  47. Squirrel attacks Deer...
  48. Deer gets baby back....
  49. Wow, lions take on a giraffe....
  50. somewhere on mw..
  51. Avalon Is Missing
  52. So... I'm being adopted...
  53. New Dog Needs NAME!!
  54. Therapy Bunnies
  55. How far would you go for your pets?
  56. Lord Fuzzy Cat: Pictures
  57. How far for your pets off shoot...whats the limit?
  58. Look what I woke up to this morning!
  59. Do your pets watch television?
  60. Dolphin aids in rescuing confused whales
  61. Rosie is sick again...
  62. Tsushima Cat
  63. Considering Kitty Addition...
  64. Baby whales talk to their mamas!
  65. Tigger....
  66. Lexi and Shadow
  67. Trini
  68. Park Ranger Arrested for Slaughtering Gorillas in his care
  69. Jack has worms! *shudder*
  70. chicken emergency- help needed ASAP!
  71. Dog Walking Business Advice Needed
  72. Frisky will be put to sleep in 2 hours
  73. Dog Prays at Temple
  74. Agoraphobic dog has fear of walkies
  75. Some Pet Food Still Not on Shelves - Update to Last Year's Recall
  76. Giant squid sex: violent, tangled and deeply weird
  77. I Need Suggestions!
  78. A good invention for your dog
  79. can anyone identify this animal?
  80. Erm... Pot Belly Pig Q's...
  81. Python Vs alligator [decidedly not for the squeamish]
  82. Please help me
  83. Gah! House training!
  84. Woman Bites Dog
  85. Animal of the Week Threads
  86. Goodbye to my Georgie
  87. Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys!
  88. Man faces five years in jail after hitting a boy with... a hedgehog
  89. Elephant draws self portrat
  90. Help W/ wanna be mama doxie
  91. Urban bee keeper video
  92. It's Time For a New Game
  93. do yourself a favour
  94. Uncommon totems or natural guides
  95. Keeping wild animals as pets?
  96. Kids for Kindness Earth Day pics--
  97. New cat in the house
  98. The pack of mutant black squirrels that are giving Britain's grey population
  99. Did eaten bird claw its way through hawk?
  100. Swimming orang-utans’ spearfishing exploits amaze the wildlife experts
  101. Jailbreak!
  102. Seal Attempts to Mate With Penguin
  103. Ape Genius reveals depth of animal intelligence
  104. Sea lions shot dead on Columbia River
  105. Peta: Blames Jockey
  106. fleas!
  107. Rat Attacks Cat
  108. The most expensive pets ever!!
  109. The Biggest Cow in the World
  110. ASPCA Meet Your Match Program
  111. Stingray deaths at the Calgary Zoo (update)
  112. Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Madison!
  113. Move it or lose it, cat!
  114. Top 10 hero animals
  115. oh yeah, my new kitters.
  116. Gorilla Question
  117. Teething issue! anyone with a ST or Newf?
  118. Look what I'm getting!
  119. paying my respects
  120. Good thoughts for Spike
  121. My fishy is laying down... :(
  122. lets see your icanhascheezeburger submissions
  123. Make over for the male barn swallow
  124. Caribbean monk seal officially extinct
  125. Feel Good Story
  126. Dry Skin
  127. Endagered Sea Dragon is having babies.
  128. Pet Fox
  129. The Real Thunder Passes On.
  130. Are Fireflies disappearing? Firefly watch!
  131. Opinions on Humane Society's action
  132. Albino Pet Names?
  133. Petition to stop skinning animals alive
  134. Scared pets and smudging?
  135. Isabella Rossellini has gone off the deep end, simulating animal copulation
  136. cat with watery eyes
  137. Well-- I'm a Sucker!
  138. Masked Palm Civet
  139. Cat rescue, and the perfect home.
  140. I think I'm done fostering....
  141. We got babies
  142. Catfish Chokes on Soccer Ball
  143. Flea mediceine for two weeks and up
  144. Shark Found in Austrailia Pool
  145. Man saves 375lb bear from drowning
  146. Canada's Cutest Pets 2008
  147. Avert your eyes from the cuteness
  148. Fruit Flies Are Driving Us Crazy! PLEASE Help!
  149. UK Bluebottle Fly Problems !
  150. EARWIGS driving Mom NUTS! Please help!
  151. Centipede invasion!
  152. Porcupine Babies
  153. six legged deer
  154. Lion Love
  155. Piglet born with monkey's face!
  156. Experts on the trail of Russia's killer bears
  157. Dead sharks found....
  158. White lions...roar baby!
  159. The Bottled Bear
  160. Three Tiger Cubs Adopted by Mama Dog
  161. Black Bear Checks Out Golf Tournament
  162. Yellow Jackets
  163. African elephants face extinction by 2020, conservationists warn
  164. Help with possible animal abuse
  165. Documentation of a rare right whale birth.
  166. Vermont's "Worst Case Of Animal Abuse"
  167. Shark eats polar bear!
  168. Here's the story of Chip.
  169. The best way to get an animal?(+my bad luck)
  170. Video: a seal with a strange phobia
  171. Worn Turns Cricket into Zombie
  172. Phoenix Zoo
  173. Bat
  174. The value of microchipping
  175. Pet proof rituals
  176. Another dog and cat pet food recall.
  177. Animals do not have souls
  178. New critter forums?
  179. zomg so cute have to cuddle!!
  180. pet odor removal
  181. Avert your eyes the cuteness will blind
  182. About the "Click to Fund....."
  183. petition to save dolphins
  184. Judge Dismisses Monkey Scalding Death
  185. Animal of the Week Threads
  186. Struggle Begins to Ban Monkey Experiments in Europe
  187. Porcupines
  188. Kamikaze Pheasant takes out Motorcyclist in bizarre accident
  189. Forum Guide Nominations for Critter Chat
  190. Lmfao!!!!
  191. Kangaroos and humans...
  192. Tiny, long-lost primate rediscovered in Indonesia
  193. Where have the orcas gone? Orca death & decline in the Puget Sound...
  194. In an emergency
  195. Toxins in your pets
  196. Critter Chat: New Guide
  197. Man Arrested After Trying To Save Pets From Fire
  198. Animal picture of the month contest rules!
  199. Two New Subforums
  200. Penguin vs Orca w/ a surprise ending
  201. What does your critter do?
  202. Rest In Peace My Fur Babies.
  203. Owl lands on camera
  204. New resident of the Detroit Zoo CUTE!!
  205. Skunks?
  206. Life saving pets!
  207. 84 lb Beaver runs amok in British Countryside
  208. January picture contest...attention all!!!
  209. Human Dependancy
  210. man arrested in 'horrific' animal cruelty case
  211. 'Spookfish' has mirrors for eyes
  212. Pink iguana rewrites family tree
  213. Tamanian Devils' Survival May Depend on a Fence
  214. NYC eatery grants freedom to lobster centenarian
  215. Protests or not, Japan keeps eating whale
  216. Fleas?
  217. DIY Pet beds...totally creative!
  218. This is Beyond Sick
  219. The Odd Couple...
  220. *clears throat*
  221. Concerning Pic of the month contest, please read.
  222. Coyote?
  223. about my monkey child
  224. When can we start voting?
  225. Vet Reccomendations and Complaints
  226. Ringling Bros. Elephant Trial
  227. Theme for new picture contest for March.
  228. Bat houses
  229. Out of the Shadows -- Snow Leopards
  230. What to do with pet's ashes
  231. Picture Contest Winner Banners
  232. Bat-Killing Syndome Spreads in Northeast
  233. The squirrel killer? Your opinions!
  234. The PETA Madness Never Stops
  235. 10 ways to use an hour a week to help a homeless pet
  236. Foxes jumping on a trampoline?
  237. Sometimes Rescues frustrate me
  238. CA proposed "luxury tax" on veterinary services
  239. Florida officials stop a bear from receiving medical aid.
  240. Frodo: The Alpha Male
  241. Tank and Sunfire together and getting along
  242. This Week's Animal of the Week
  243. Irony at its finest
  244. Animal smells
  245. Sweet (or not!) Awakenings!
  246. Get your dose of mega cute...go on...I won't tell.
  247. Snoring Duckling
  248. Question for Everyone
  249. Good News; Wildlife Abuse may End
  250. Here it is, The all new Picture Contest