View Full Version : The Dialogues on Checkerism

  1. On saying Grace - Why we are thankful for our meals
  2. On Prayer and Remembrance - To whom we pray and who we remember
  3. On Worship - Why Checkerism doesn't worship the Creator
  4. On the Reality of Ethereal Beings - Science versus faith
  5. On Ethereal Beings - Where they come from, what they are made of...
  6. On the triangle of ethics - Ethics, their source and foundation
  7. On ethics, behaviour and elements - incorporate the elements...into one's behavior
  8. On the cycle of the universe - What came before the creator
  9. On creation, science versus faith -How science and faith don't necessarily exclude ea
  10. On deity and influence - How everyone exerts influence in some shape or form
  11. On judgement - Comparing human and divine fairness
  12. On divine intervention - Why we may wish, but not expect our deity to intervene
  13. On reincarnation - How we die and live on anyway
  14. On true belief - How unequal paths can all be valid
  15. On imagination - How the gods communicate with us and how we can recognise it
  16. On deity shapes - Why everyone perceives the gods differently
  17. On the bear, the fly, and purpose - How we compare to the gods
  18. On existence - Why us humans roam this earth
  19. About the Dialogues on Checkerism