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  1. Great ER story
  2. My First Piercings!
  3. I got my tetnus booster today but....
  4. do hairsylists cut your hair right?
  5. How do I.......
  6. Pcos.
  7. What time of day do you like to take a shower?
  8. fatigue
  9. Moonblood (Females Only Please)
  10. Need suggestions & testimonials!
  11. A new hair cut???
  12. Nasty Feet
  13. dry scalp and skin breakouts.
  14. how do people "not" sleep
  15. Publix to offer 7 popular prescription antibiotics for free
  16. Testicle Surgery Mystifies Police
  17. does anyone here have diabetes?
  18. Numbness Mystery - Any Ideas?
  19. Cosmetic Ingredients
  20. Got skin/acne problems...inhale the water!
  21. Please welcome your new forum guide
  22. Recommendations Needed: Compact Powder
  23. The Buff Buffet: 8 Foods that Pack on Muscle
  24. ouchy!!
  25. New world's tallest man stands at a towering 8ft 5ins
  26. Lip Stain/Cheek Stain?
  27. My hair is stressed!!
  28. Itchy scalp question
  29. Eating healthy
  30. foot/skin issue
  31. !!pimples!!
  32. Hair Dye Question!
  33. Getting another cold
  34. Hair dye help badly needed...
  35. Cold virus may spur weight gain: study
  36. Got stung by a bee.
  37. Granny and Gramps are still doing the deed!
  38. 50's instructional film: Sex Education for Girls
  39. Six weeks without a wash: The soapless experiment
  40. Study finds taste receptors in intestines
  41. stinky feet?
  42. Multiple Sclerosis support thread
  43. Allergies
  44. How do you start to like yourself?
  45. How to get fat without really trying
  46. Has anyone used SBC products?
  47. What did i do to myself >.<
  48. passive vs. aggressive females
  49. World's best whiskers vie for honors
  50. Mouth Cramp?
  51. beating the potatoe chip addiction
  52. Unhealthy Home-cooked Popcorn
  53. What's your take on condom use?
  54. Additives Threaten Children's Health
  55. Annoying allergies....
  56. Should I cut my hair?
  57. Frequent nosebleeds?
  58. Naturopaths
  59. Prevent sickness?
  60. remedies for tooth ache
  61. Do you think this is an eating disorder?
  62. Head on apply directly to the forehead!
  63. Advice for staying healthy? Desperate!
  64. UK Girls Widely Infected w/ Cancer-Causing Virus
  65. Wisdom Teeth
  66. The virtues of Vitamin D: It's time we saw the light
  67. Pneumonia?
  68. Cannabis Ingredient May Prevent Mad Cow Disease
  69. Human Eggs to be grown from Tissue
  70. twitchy thumb
  71. Stomach pains...wtf?
  72. Safest painkillers with alcohol?
  73. Why are we becoming Allergic to Life
  74. CANCER; Catch it early!
  75. Slouching is good for you!
  76. Appendix, not so useless after all
  77. beating the caffiene addiction
  78. Eating clay for your health?
  79. Mobile Phones & Cancer Link: New Evidence
  80. Stomachache from One-a-Day Women's multivitamins?
  81. PhenterLean
  82. Lipstick Containing Lead?
  83. Can men get periods?
  84. The Shape of the Future
  85. Drug Resistant Staph Killer
  86. uti in kids
  87. Trader Joe's Phasing Out Food from China
  88. Must...Not...Think...About Chocolate...
  89. Food Allergies
  90. UAW Officials Send Memorandum Urging Approval Of Tentative Contract
  91. Pop!Tech Launches Initiative Aimed At Deploying Software To Support HIV Education, Co
  92. US Government Gets Aggressive Against E Coli O157:H7
  93. Detroit Free Press Examines Amount Of Charity Care Provided By Not-for-Profit Hospit
  94. Vascular Closure Systems, Inc. Announces Initial Funding
  95. ASH And ASCO Release Updated Guideline On The Use Of Chemotherapy-Related Anemia Trea
  96. ASCO Issues Updated Recommendations For Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Testing
  97. Maternal Mortality Ratio Falling Too Slowly To Meet Goal
  98. Phthalates for the US, but not for Europe
  99. Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege?
  100. Senate Passes Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill That Includes Amendment Preventing Redist
  101. Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report Highlights SCHIP Editorials, Op-Eds, Letter To The
  102. Lawmakers To Investigate Private Equity Companies That Own Nursing Homes
  103. Leader Of Anglican Communion Criticizes 'Normalization' Of Abortion, Calls For Review
  104. House Passes Suicide Prevention Bill For Veterans
  105. Results From Six Pivotal Tibotec Trials, Including Head-To-Head Data, Presented At Th
  106. University Of Muenster Completes Certification Program By Implanting Its First Cardio
  107. New ESC/ACC/AHA/WHF Universal Definition Of Myocardial Infarction Released
  108. American Medical Student Association Announces Enhanced Pharmfree Scorecard 2.0
  109. Minister Devins Visits Samaritans Dublin Offices, Meets Volunteers And Discusses Issu
  110. Federal, State Authorities Raid Health Insurer WellCare; Target Unknown
  111. Study Of DNA Repair In Cancer Cells By Yale Awarded $8.4 Million
  112. Screening Or Not Screening For Lung Cancer: Consider The Benefit
  113. Caregivers Increasingly File Lawsuits Against Employers Alleging Discrimination
  114. Uganda AIDS Commission To Implement Five-Year Program Aimed At Reducing Spread Of HIV
  115. severe skin problem, eek!
  116. Straumann Launches New Generation Bone Level Implant In Europe And North America
  117. ACNM Launches Women's Health Expo In Conjunction With Acnm 53rd Annual Meeting, May 2
  118. A New Approach For The Treatment Of Community-acquired Pneumonia
  119. Prominent Italian Oncology Center Chooses IntraOp Medical's Mobetron For Cancer Treat
  120. Antibiotic-Resistant Tuberculosis: Relatively Low Rate In France
  121. News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation
  122. Special Status Given By US And European Regulators To New TB Drug
  123. New Causes For Neurodegeneration Discovered By U-M Scientists
  124. Organic Food Really Is Healthier
  125. o..m..g..
  126. Strange Cysts...
  127. Breathing problem
  128. Excess Falling Hair from Infection
  129. I HATE Planned Parenthood!
  130. I'm too old for this!!
  131. Acid Reflux!!
  132. Sexy walks 'keep men off scent'
  133. A bit nervous after all this MRSA talk.
  134. Taking my first steps into Vegetarianism....any advice is appreciated...
  135. Shell fish reaction??
  136. Headaches
  137. What did you eat today?
  138. FIL Hallucinating?
  139. Tree man 'who grew roots' may be cured
  140. What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now?
  141. Deadly cold virus
  142. marijuana
  143. Need some advice please!
  144. selling of body organs?
  145. Medications from overseas.
  146. Links for Men and Women, with Regards to Health and Awareness.
  147. Help Needed: Shinsplit
  148. soy causes cancer?
  149. Is it possible for someone one day to be the ton/2,000 lb man or woman
  150. Tanzania surgery mix-up man dies
  151. Muscle Spasms/Cramps.. Advice?
  152. Fart flavored Burps- TMI! HELP!
  153. Cough Syrup vs Honey
  154. Thyroid suprise
  155. Sleep Walking
  156. looking for alternative care of bad back
  157. Natural Headache Remedies
  158. How often do you get sick?
  159. stressed but not feeling stressed
  160. foods rich in potassium?
  161. Escolar, Butter Fish Oil Fish....WARNING
  162. Do you think this is a good therapy?
  163. ? about absinthe *If discussion of alcoholic beverages is not allowed please delete*
  164. Thermoregulation problems
  165. What is thissss.
  166. Fibro support questions
  167. Quack watch site
  168. Craving salmon...
  169. Safe to use preparation H after anal tear? TMI!!!
  170. Ocular Migraines
  171. Fast Food Conspiracy, Fat & Hungry, Nutrition
  172. Sick
  173. Allergic Reactions?
  174. Anybody use a neti pot?
  175. My ears hurt :(
  176. Weird rash on one of my fingers...
  177. chronic hiccups?
  178. Mysterious itchy bumps on legs
  179. CoWorker and her health issues
  180. Folk Medicine Causes Lead Poisoning
  181. Body telling you something wrong
  182. Is it normal?
  183. Drug Name Mix-ups Getting Worse
  184. Why do a lot of disabled people look younger than they do?
  185. Important info: Vitamin Toxicity
  186. Cigarettes, Alcohol, Weed... OH MY!
  187. Numb patch
  188. Warfarin: Questions for people who take or have taken it
  189. Cotton wool allergy?
  190. Changing Sleep Positions
  191. Popping noises
  192. Cracking Finger Joints
  193. Allergic reaction?
  194. weight gain
  195. Gastroenteritis?
  196. Drinking/smoking everyday
  197. Allergys
  198. blood in urine...
  199. How much H2O do you drink?
  200. Body Fat Analysis and Breast Implants
  201. Ayurvedic Medicine anyone?
  202. Why do you want to find a cool place when you're throwing up?
  203. Drugs in our water now?
  204. Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water
  205. What does superman eat..Super foods?
  206. Weird sensations on my back?
  207. Full neurological exams
  208. Diet an Ayurvedic Treatment
  209. Syphilis on the rise again
  210. Totally bummed w/out a punch buddy
  211. Lunacie!! yoohooo.. Lunacie..
  212. Stress relieving techniques
  213. Yay, I have strep
  214. Agent Orange and its health complications?
  215. pains in my stomach?
  216. Experts now recommend hands-only CPR
  217. Canker sore remedies
  218. Spring is here. Pesticides sprayed, chemical rage
  219. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  220. Its just a little disturbing that 30 calories are considered a threat....
  221. my face...
  222. Feeling sick
  223. Ok, getting beyond ridiculous
  224. Vitamin supplements may increase risk of death
  225. Everything was great until I woke up!
  226. An update for those keeping track
  227. Sinus headache
  228. My insomnia came back :-(
  229. migraines and aura??
  230. Scientists Study Brain Farts
  231. Frustrated with insomnia
  232. So EXHAUSTED & can't seem to wake up!!
  233. Wisdom teeth removal
  234. Migraine headaches
  235. EEGs
  236. Canada's C-51 law may outlaw natural health products and supplements
  237. eczema remedies?
  238. Allergies
  239. Health insurance companies.
  240. Splinter, argh!
  241. Hiccup man pins hope on surgery
  242. Fat Rant
  243. Marijuana may up heart attack, stroke risk: study
  244. Research links common chemicals to obesity
  245. Blood sugar question
  246. Lyme/Chronic Lyme anyone?
  247. Orgasm Addiction
  248. Obesity epidemic in U.S. kids may have peaked
  249. Germs may play role in sudden baby deaths
  250. Summer flu - who has it?