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  1. Lifes Lessons from a Dogs View.
  2. Non-chemical tick and flea preventative for dogs?
  3. homemade biscuts and treats for dogs
  4. Two stray Dogs
  5. Does anyone know anything about tumors in dogs?
  6. My dog's surgery is today.
  7. Cats vs. dogs
  8. How many dogs
  9. No cats or Dogs allowed
  10. Are only dogs colour blind?
  11. dogs eye blue
  12. puppy name?
  13. Dogs do the funniest things...
  14. finally got the puppy
  15. How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?
  16. Pet Peeves from the dog's perspective...
  17. Letter to the Dogs
  18. Name the Puppy
  19. puppies
  20. A Tail of Two Puppies
  21. New Born Puppies
  22. Dealing with Aging Dogs...
  23. Even Dogs Get the Blues at Holiday Time
  24. new puppies and new puppy-caretaker - help!
  25. A Puppies Twelve Days of Christmas
  26. Do Dogs have souls?
  27. If I didn't have dogs....
  28. Tests show dogs have personality ... DUH!
  29. Dogs Don't Have Souls, Do They?
  30. A Dogs Prayer
  31. A Dogs Valentine
  32. One of my crazy dogs...
  33. Climbing fences? Question about dogs...
  34. Valentine puppies
  35. Ten dogs that shaped the canine world
  36. My dogs are different in a wonderful way!
  37. My American Eskimo Dogs
  38. Pictures of my Valentines puppies
  39. Dogs Get Their Own Toilet
  40. dogs........
  41. How do you know when you have too many dogs?
  42. My friends Karen's and Warren's dogs
  43. advice wanted about puppies!
  44. My Dogs Jumping Our Fence
  45. Are All Dogs Empaths?
  46. Fireworks and dogs
  47. my puppies...
  48. what age do dogs get sexual active?
  49. lost my dogs
  50. DNA Study Finds Chihuahuas Aren't Dogs
  51. Scottie Dogs and tuff little breeds(moved from Green thread)
  52. Camping with Dogs! Who's done it?
  53. Innocent Victims ‘Puppy Mills’ Create Suffering for Dogs, Unwary Pet Seekers
  54. help help puppies on the way maybe lol
  55. Dogs: a poem
  56. Puppies...................
  57. Dogs in heat
  58. "Who let the dogs out?"
  59. rflmo! Cousin sent this..she has 2 of the dogs in question! Author unknown
  60. Do you think Pitbulls should be banned?
  61. Dogs: Which one should I get?
  62. New puppies
  63. In case you wonder if dogs are smart or not!
  64. Puppies and laminate floors
  65. Aromatherapy for dogs products line- your opinions, please
  66. Why I prefer dogs to cats
  67. Record Litter - 24 Puppies
  68. Feeding dogs chicken bones?
  69. New York Dogs Audition for Broadway Musical
  70. Central Park "Gates" worker saves drowning dogs
  71. Canary Dogs
  72. If Dogs Were Teachers ...
  73. New/Old Dogs and Crates
  74. "How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change A Light Bulb?"
  75. My dogs both have cancer
  76. Can dogs have OCD?
  77. Help! Save these dogs!
  78. My dog's sick...
  79. Woman kills dogs to be with boyfriend!
  80. Interesting puppy
  81. Dogs in Elk
  82. Puppies, puppies, puppies
  83. Help Me Name A Puppy!
  84. Three new Foster Puppies
  85. new puppies, very neglected... HELP
  86. Puppy Orphan Train Transport
  87. Why dogs dont live as long as people...
  88. Using puppies and kittens as shark bait?!
  89. Puppies Now
  90. How to keep a puppy busy?
  91. surgery for dogs?
  92. Help! My Dogs have WORMS!!
  93. Dogs Eating Birds, Is It Dangerous?
  94. Male Dogs
  95. Let sleeping dogs lie?
  96. Dogs and 'OCD'
  97. help with puppy name
  98. question about dogs in heat...
  99. My Halloween Puppy
  100. calming a super hyper puppy
  101. Pics from my morning walk with my dogs...
  102. Its getting colder out... (puppy help)
  103. *shudders * Dog's howl, Fact or Myth?!
  104. Snow Dogs and Snow
  105. New Puppy, help!!
  106. puppy problems..help!!
  107. New Rats and Dogs
  108. Puppy Advice
  109. is shea safe for dogs?
  110. Can dogs have ADD?
  111. Stroke Victim Loses Dogs
  112. Why do I feel like the worst puppy parent ever..
  113. Contaminated pet food kills dozens of dogs
  114. Man Arrested for Tossing Puppy Into Traffic
  115. My pit bull puppy needs a home!
  116. How Many Dogs Do You Have
  117. Puppy problem
  118. Puppies who are also mules
  119. Possible Dog and Puppy training techniques
  120. We have two foster dogs that are ready for homes
  121. Labs are the best dogs EVER!
  122. Sick puppy
  123. We are expecting Puppies
  124. Caught at last - the giant owl with a taste for dogs
  125. Ewww Puppy eating her own poop!
  126. When I get a new puppy.......
  127. weird puppy leg spasms... help?
  128. help wolf dogs?
  129. This poor puppy :(
  130. Problem Puppy
  131. I've been looking at these dogs forever
  132. Dogs raping dogs
  133. my puppy is so sick with allergies
  134. Puppy help
  135. Dogs eating Horse hooves?
  136. Food agression in dogs?
  137. Puppy Training saga continues
  138. Puppy pictures!
  139. puppy potty training (and other training questions)
  140. Old dog... new puppy?
  141. Do you use crates for your dogs?
  142. Help with an "Assertive" new puppy
  143. My sister's dogs.
  144. Any experiances with blind dogs?
  145. Prisoners rehabilitate death-row dogs
  146. Training Dogs...
  147. Vicious dogs...
  148. Spoiled Dogs & New Babies
  149. Puppies With Cleft Palates Need Help
  150. A new puppy!
  151. puppies vs. cat
  152. 4/5 week old puppy question
  153. Can dogs catch colds?
  154. Puppy Chews Off Baby's Toes While Parents Slept
  155. Sick Puppy?
  156. Update on Puppy chews off toes
  157. FDA approves 1st drug for obese dogs
  158. Healing my Puppy
  159. Officials order pet dogs killed in part of China
  160. Just got a Puppy
  161. New puppy
  162. puppy help!!
  163. puppy diet
  164. We may be getting a new puppy!
  165. New Puppy - Got some questions
  166. Hush Puppy
  167. HELP!! Something's wrong with my puppy!
  168. New puppy.
  169. my sister's new puppy
  170. Man Who Fed Puppy to Snake Get Jail & Probation
  171. Some people shouldn't own dogs!
  172. Dogs Just got shots
  173. Cat scratches on puppies?!
  174. Best dogs for walking.
  175. Puppy whistle
  176. is milk safe for dogs?
  177. Woman's legs 'gnawed to the bone' by stray dogs
  178. New Puppy
  179. A Puppy In My House
  180. Dogs that changed the world
  181. Journey of 2 Dogs Helps Soldier's Family
  182. New puppy
  183. Dog's Purpose (from a 6-year-old)
  184. 800 dogs...
  185. How well trained are your dogs?
  186. My Dog Has Glaucoma
  187. 4 dogs, 3 food dishes
  188. Dog ate a pork chop bone
  189. American White Shepherds.
  190. Jack Russell needs new home
  191. Isis and her skin
  192. Aaarrrrrrggghhhh !! That dog !!!
  193. Ways to keep our big fluffy dogs cool
  194. My Dogs Live Here!!!
  195. America's Cutest Puppies
  196. Puppy-tossing Marine gets the boot
  197. Terrifying Experience--Training a Dog for Safety?
  198. The dogs faught again!
  199. tear stains and coat stains
  200. Anyone own Carolina Dogs?
  201. Emasculation of a male dog
  202. Beijing takes dog off the menu for Olympics
  203. Beagle Lost for 5 Years, Reunited with Family
  204. Omg!!!!!!!!
  205. introducing dog to cat
  206. socializing an aggressive dog
  207. New dog... "potty" advice needed
  208. Rotten Meat
  209. dog breeders?
  210. I think I am doomed!
  211. Dog stays with dead owner 6wks
  212. weight pulling
  213. Ageing too fast
  214. Aging too fast and too slow.
  215. New Puppy!!
  216. Pictures of my Sugar... as promised
  217. Runaway dog... and van...
  218. Dogtown: the Michael Vick Dogs
  219. We got a dog today :)
  220. Constant whining?
  221. Your advice...getting a new puppy
  222. I'm really worried
  223. Dangerous toy - please read this
  224. I HATE My Neighbors!
  225. What is safe to chew?
  226. Golden Retriever Killed New Puppy
  227. Really Stressed Out - Cat-aggressive dog
  228. itchy itchy doggie
  229. Man's Best Friend
  230. One puppy!
  231. vinager on floor to curb puppies accidents?
  232. The (not so) New Addition to our family! Liberty.
  233. Still grieving over a dog long gone
  234. Dog Poop In the house
  235. my boys
  236. citronella bark collars?
  237. Framer Vs. The Box
  238. O's Dog, Putin's Dog
  239. Worlds ugliest dog.
  240. suggestions?
  241. We get it right every once in a while.
  242. Bad dog gas...
  243. The Dog Is Stuck Upstairs!!!
  244. Teething puppy?
  245. Picture of the month contest for January canines
  246. Puppies!
  247. Has anyone seen this?
  248. Study shows dogs feel "envy"
  249. A Dog's Purpose (from a 6-year-old).
  250. Need to just talk about this dog (A bit sad)