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  1. Math, Gender, and Psychology
  2. Scientists track effects of negative ads
  3. Could our big brains come from Neanderthals?
  4. Evolutional Psychology
  5. Human Intelligence Of The Genetic Persuasion
  6. The Evolution Of Human Diet
  7. Bilingualism Linked to Slower Mental Decline
  8. How irises 'reveal personalities'
  9. Out of body experience linked to sleep paralysis
  10. Humans Can See Race and Sex Even in Simple Outlines
  11. Archaeologists discover Iron Age Mickey Mouse
  12. Delusional humans?
  13. Chimps on treadmill offer human evolution insight
  14. Happiness: Can we predict it?
  15. Gay Men, Straight Women Have Similar Brains
  16. The science of sarcasm (not that you care)
  17. Do you read scholarly articles about Neo-Paganism?
  18. Understanding the wow factor
  19. Orangutan's spontaneous whistling opens new chapter in study of evolution of speech
  20. The Role of Geography in Human Adaptation
  21. On being Sane in Insane Places
  22. 'Model predicts 'religiosity gene' will dominate society'
  23. another great find
  24. Anyone else here an anthropologist?
  25. Sexual Disorders; Past And Present And Their Role In Society
  26. Confirmed: Non-Africans found to be part-Neanderthal