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  2. The red etin
  3. The black bull of norroway
  4. The history of jack the giant-killer
  5. The story of prince ahmed and the fairy paribanou
  6. The princess on the glass hill
  7. A voyage to lilliput
  8. The brave little tailor
  9. Trusty john
  10. Blue beard
  11. Prince darling
  12. Toads and diamonds
  13. The goose-girl
  14. Snow-white and rose-red
  15. Hansel and grettel
  16. The forty thieves
  17. Little thumb
  18. The wonderful sheep
  19. The history of whittington
  20. The story of pretty goldilocks
  21. The terrible head
  22. The water-lily. The gold-spinners
  23. The white cat
  24. Felicia and the pot of pinks
  25. The master cat; or, puss in boots
  26. Why the sea is salt
  27. The master-maid
  28. Beauty and the beast
  29. Rumpelstiltzkin
  30. The tale of a youth who set out to learn what fear was
  31. Aladdin and the wonderful lamp
  32. Cinderella, or the little glass slipper
  33. The sleeping beauty in the wood
  34. Little red riding hood
  35. The yellow dwarf
  36. East of the sun and west of the moon
  37. Prince hyacinth and the dear little princess
  38. The bronze ring