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  2. The Winning of Olwen
  3. The Brownie of the Lake
  4. The Hoodie-Crow
  5. The Believing Husbands
  6. The Escape of the Mouse
  7. The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok
  8. The Four Gifts
  9. The Lady of the Fountain
  10. The Battle of the Birds
  11. The Castle of Kerglas
  12. The Stones of Plouhinec
  13. The Raspberry Worm
  14. The Sea King's Gift
  15. The Bones of Djulung
  16. The One-Handed Girl
  17. The Rich Brother and the Poor Brother
  18. The Wonderful Tune
  19. A Fish Story
  20. The Enchanted Deer
  21. Moti
  22. Little Lasse
  23. The Brown Bear of Norway
  24. The Story of a Very Bad Boy
  25. The Three Crowns
  26. A French Puck
  27. The King of the Waterfalls
  28. How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves
  29. A Lost Paradise
  30. The Fairy Nurse
  31. The Heart of a Monkey
  32. The Jogi's Punishment
  33. The False Prince and the True
  34. The Shifty Lad