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  1. The Silent Princess
  2. The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana
  3. The Steel Cane
  4. He Wins Who Waits
  5. The Boy Who Found Fear At Last
  6. The Clever Weaver
  7. The Prince and the Princess in the Forest
  8. The Snake Prince
  9. The Fate of the Turtle
  10. Grasp All, Lose All
  11. The Story of Zoulvisia
  12. The Billy Goat and the King
  13. The Satin Surgeon
  14. Dorani
  15. The Golden-Headed Fish
  16. The Five Wise Words of the Guru
  17. The Green Knight
  18. Diamond Cut Diamond
  19. The Strange Adventures of Little Maia
  20. Kupti and Imani
  21. Samba the Coward
  22. The Thanksgiving of the Wazir
  23. The Comb and the Collar
  24. Jackal or Tiger?
  25. A Long-Bow Story
  26. The Story of Little King Loc
  27. Geirlug The King's Daughter
  28. The Blue Parrot
  29. Madschun
  30. Copyright Info
  31. The Magic Book
  32. The White Slipper
  33. Andras Baive
  34. How the Stalos Were Tricked
  35. Adventures of an Indian Brave
  36. The Mink and the Wolf
  37. The Bird of Truth
  38. The Princess Bella-Flor
  39. The Adventures of Covan the Brown-Haired
  40. The Frog and the Lion Fairy
  41. The Owl and the Eagle
  42. The Girl-Fish
  43. The White Doe
  44. The Rover of the Plain
  45. Three Treasures of the Giants
  46. The Adventures of the Younger Son of the Jackal
  47. The Adventures of the Jackal's Eldest
  48. The Adventures of a Jackal
  49. Pinkel the Thief
  50. The Story of Manus
  51. The Clever Cat
  52. The Foolish Weaver
  53. The Enchanted Wreath
  54. The Goldsmith's Fortune
  55. The Two Caskets
  56. The Ugly Duckling
  57. How Ian Direach Got the Blue Falcon
  58. The Fox and the Wolf
  59. Ian, the Soldier's Son
  60. How Isuro the Rabbit Tricked Gudu
  61. Story of the King Who Would See Paradise
  62. The Magic Mirror From the Senna
  63. The Story of the Hero Makoma From the Senna