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  1. Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
  2. Ghengis Khan Wise Man or Beast?
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  4. Fascinating Wars?
  5. Holy Wars, Batman!
  6. U.S at war with Great Britain!
  7. Colonial Period Indian Massacres, New England.
  8. Sir Francis Drakes Drum in WWI
  9. The Battle of Midway
  10. U.S Civil War extends to France
  11. The Battle of Falkirk (1298)
  12. "Wild Rose" O'Neal Greenhow. Civil War Spy.
  13. Pizarro
  14. A question about the Napoleonic wars.
  15. Mexico attacks Mayans!
  16. Civil War & Astrology
  17. Belated Civil War Burial.
  18. Hitler's Bunker
  19. The Roman Military-Slave Complex
  20. D-Day
  21. How To Support The Troops - Links
  22. Which Historic General Are You?
  23. Revolution of 1905 in Russia
  24. What caused the end of the Cold War?
  25. Looking for cheap replica World War II Medals
  26. Pagan Care Packages
  27. Historical Last Stands
  28. Documents surface about Britain's chemical warfare test subjects
  29. Was the Civil War necessary to end Slavery?
  30. Were the Romans the "Hitlers" of the ancient world?
  31. Was there any point where the Allies could have lost WW2?
  32. Repatriation The Dark Side of World War II
  33. Historical Wars
  34. RAK! support the troops...FOR FREE!!
  35. Which ancient empire would you arm with Nukes?
  36. Stalin 'planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed
  37. Favorite piece of military equipment
  38. Walter's War
  39. Blogging Soldiers
  40. Murphy's Laws of Combat
  41. Combat Footage
  42. Expedition could lead to largest identification of war dead in U.S. history
  43. Brain Injured Troops Face Long Term Risk
  44. WWII's Tuskegee Airmen Invited To Inauguration
  45. Fisher House
  46. 4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe
  47. Guardsman Loses Job While Activated
  48. Best music videos made by bored US soldiers
  49. Gay rights within the microcosm known as the military.....
  50. Practicing and little things in barracks.
  51. research for the battle of lexington and concord
  52. Elizabethan Weapons of Mass Destruction
  53. HAARP - A government world controlling machine
  54. Pagans in the Military
  55. Since the U.S. was able to stay out of the Napoleonic and Franco-Prussian wars...
  56. The REAL reason why the Allies won the war...
  57. The Cost of the Vietnam War?
  58. Robots in battle
  59. Happy Memorial Day
  60. Seriously though, is there anything out there more fun than det-cord? I think not...
  61. Ok, so I'm just a lowly PFC...
  62. Great pics of US fighters breaking the sound barrier
  63. It's a little dated, but still a good article
  64. LOL George Carlin on the Military (RIP)
  65. Forum Guide Nominations: The Military: Past, Present and Future
  66. Take a look at this!
  67. theres somthing wrong here, right???
  68. Military may lift ban on women in submarines
  69. Please welcome your new Forum Guide...
  70. I wanna say thank you
  71. The use of the A-Bomb on Japan
  72. 16 years ago
  73. My Essay
  74. New bunker buster 30,000 lbs
  75. US Army to field new rifle soon
  76. 213 Things Skippy Can't Do
  77. fellow comrade fallen
  78. My brother
  79. The "Joker"
  80. War dogs
  81. Navy Bans Smoking on Subs
  82. Possible Treatment For PTSD?
  83. Pentagon urges decrease in spending on troops
  84. Military proposes medal for troops showing restraint
  85. Back from Iraq, Frisco soldier finds home sold by HOA
  86. Army recalling 44,000 combat helmets
  87. Dear US Army
  88. Gays in the Military.....
  89. Pagan and Wiccan Miltary religon selection codes
  90. Army revamping exercise and menu for new recruits
  91. A fit mind in a fit body with a fit soul?
  92. Literal Dreams of Going Back Into the Military