View Full Version : The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

  1. Bibliography
  2. Appendix
  3. VI. The Office of the Passion
  4. V. The Canticle of the Sun
  5. IV. The Sheet Which St. Francis Gave Brother Leo
  6. III. Prayer to Obtain Divine Love
  7. II. Salutation of the Blessed Virgin
  8. I. The Praises
  9. VI. To Brother Leo
  10. V. To All the Custodes
  11. IV. To the Rulers of the People
  12. III. To a Certain Minister
  13. II. Letter To All the Friars
  14. I. Letter to All The Faithful
  15. The Letters of St. Francis
  16. VII. Of Living Religiously in a Hermitage
  17. VI. Testament of the Holy Father St. Francis
  18. V. Fragments From the Rule of the Sisters of St. Clare
  19. Second Rule of the Friars Minor
  20. IV. Rules of the Friars Minor
  21. III. On Reverence For the Lord's Body and on the Cleanliness of the Altar
  22. II. Salutation of the Virtues
  23. I. Words of Admonition of Our Holy Father St. Francis
  24. Title Page / Introduction