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  1. Additional Psalms
  2. Wherein with Lamentation I Make my Confession
  3. In Praise of Prince Shotoku
  4. Concerning Belief and Doubt
  5. Of the Three Periods
  6. Concerning Honen Shonin
  7. Concerning Genshin-Sozu
  8. Concerning Zendo-Daishi
  9. Concerning Doshaku-Zen
  10. Concerning Unrighteous Deeds
  11. Of Thanksgiving for Donran, the Great Teacher of China
  12. Of Thanksgiving for Vasubandh, the Great Teacher of India
  13. Of Thanksgiving for Nagarjuna, the Great Teacher of India
  14. Concerning the Welfare of the Present World
  15. Of the Many Sutras Concerning the Infinite One
  16. Concerning the Lesser Sutra
  17. Concerning the Sutra of the Meditation
  18. Concerning the Great Sutra
  19. Of Paradise
  20. Lauding the Infinite One
  21. Introduction
  22. Title Page