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  1. Chapter III. Conclusion
  2. Chapter II. The New Testament
  3. Chapter I. The Old Testament
  4. Preface (start of part 2)
  5. Recapitulation (end of part 1)
  6. Chapter XVII—Of the Means Employed in all Time, and Almost Universally...
  7. Chapter XVI. Application of the Preceding to the System of the Christians
  8. Chapter XV. Advantages of the Existence of Many Worlds in Each Solar System
  9. Chapter XIV—System of the Universe
  10. Chapter XIII. Comparison of Christianism with the Religious Ideas Inspired by Nature
  11. Chapter XII. The Effects of Christianism on Education; Proposed Reforms
  12. Chapter XI. Of the Theology of the Christians; and the True Theology
  13. Chapter X. Concerning God, and the Lights Cast on His Existence and Attributes...
  14. Chapter IX. In What the True Revelation Consists
  15. Chapter VII. Of the New Testament
  16. Chapter VII. Examination of the Old Testament
  17. Chapter VI. Of the True Theology
  18. Chapter V. Examination in Detail of the Preceding Bases
  19. Chapter IV. Of The Bases of Christianity
  20. Chapter III. Concerning the Character of Jesus Christ, and His History
  21. Chapter II. Of Missions and Revelations
  22. Chapter I. The Author's Profession of Faith.
  23. Editor's Introduction with Some Results of Recent Researches
  24. Title Page