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  1. The Lantern And The Fan.
  2. The Twin Stars.
  3. Why There Is A Man In The Moon.
  4. The Children In The Moon.
  5. Why There Is A Hare In The Moon.
  6. Why All Men Love The Moon.
  7. Why The Face Of The Moon Is White.
  8. The Story Of The First Snowdrops.
  9. How Summer Came To The Earth.
  10. The Story Of The Earth And The Sky.
  11. How The Raven Helped Men.
  12. Why The Water In Rivers Is Never Still.
  13. The Story Of The Picture On The Vase.
  14. Why The Crocodile Has A Wide Mouth.
  15. Was It The First Turtle?
  16. The Story Of The First Whitefish.
  17. Why The Sea Is Salt.
  18. Why The Juniper Has Berries.
  19. How Flax Was Given To Men.
  20. How The Blossoms Came To The Heather.
  21. Why The Aspen Leaves Tremble.
  22. Why The Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves.
  23. The Story Of The First Emeralds.
  24. The Story Of The First Pearls.
  25. The Story Of The First Diamonds.
  26. The Face Of The Manito.
  27. The Story Of The First Ants.
  28. The Story Of The First Moles.
  29. The Story Of The Bees And The Flies.
  30. Why The Peacock's Tail Has A Hundred Eyes.
  31. The Story Of The Oriole.
  32. The Story Of The First Grasshopper.
  33. Why The Hoofs Of The Deer Are Split.
  34. Why The Wren Flies Close To The Earth.
  35. Why The Bear Has A Short Tail.
  36. Why The Peetweet Cries For Rain.
  37. Why The Rabbit Is Timid.
  38. The Story Of The First Frog.
  39. Why The Tail Of The Fox Has A White Tip.
  40. The Story Of The First Mockingbird.
  41. Why The Parrot Repeats The Words Of Men.
  42. Why The Dove Is Timid.
  43. Why The Serpent Sheds His Skin.
  44. How The Quail Became A Snipe.
  45. How Fire Was Brought To The Indians.
  46. Why The Raven's Feathers Are Black.
  47. Why The Magpie's Nest Is Not Well Built.
  48. Why The White Hares Have Black Ears.
  49. Why The Swallow's Tail Is Forked.
  50. Why The Cat Always Falls Upon Her Feet.
  51. Why The Woodpecker's Head Is Red.
  52. The Story Of The First Woodpecker.
  53. The Story Of The First Butterflies.
  54. The Story Of The First Hummingbird.
  55. Preface
  56. Title Page