View Full Version : Songs of the Tewa

  1. L. Dead on the War Path
  2. XLIX. When the Scalps Are Fed
  3. XLVIII. Last Words at the Grave
  4. XLVII. When the Man Takes Office
  5. XLVI. When the Child is Named
  6. XLV. Prayer For Long Life
  7. XLIV. When the Corn Mothers Are Fed
  8. XLIII. When the First Fruits Are Taken
  9. XLII. Speech For Good Trading
  10. XLI. Eagle Song
  11. XL. When the Deer Come
  12. XXXIX. With Dangling Hands
  13. XXXVIII. Song of the Hunter's Wife
  14. XXXVII. That Buffalo May Come
  15. XXXVI. Scalp Dance Song
  16. Song of Avanyu, the Storm Serpent
  17. XXXIV. Songs of the Race Dance
  18. XXXIII. Songs in the Turtle Dance at Santa Clara
  19. XXXII. Songs in the Turtle Dance of Nambe
  20. XXXI. Rain Magic Song
  21. XXX. The Corn-Silk-Women's Song
  22. XXIX. Song of the Sky Loom
  23. XXVIII. Uru-Tu-Sendo's Song
  24. XXVII. How the Gods are Brought
  25. XXVI. Lake Song of the Tewa K’osa
  26. XXV. Initiation Song of the Tewa K’osa
  27. XXIV. Initiation Chant of the Kwirana K’osa
  28. XXIII. Children's Flower Song of Nambe
  29. XXII. Sleepy Bird Lullaby
  30. XXI. Lullaby of Cannibal Giants
  31. XX. A Lullaby of Nambe
  32. XIX. The Cloud-Flower Lullaby
  33. XVIII. Rains for the Harvest
  34. XVII. The Rabbit by the River
  35. XVI. The Blue Flower Basket
  36. XV. A Corn Grinding Song of Tesuque
  37. XIV. When the War Party Sets Out
  38. XIII. When the Trading Party Sets Out
  39. XII. Rags Are Royal Raiment
  40. X. Disillusion
  41. XI. Regret and Refusal
  42. IX. The Inconstant Lover
  43. VII. Shadows
  44. VII. Thamu's Song
  45. VI. Lost Love
  46. V. Banter
  47. IV. The Willows by the Water Side
  48. III. I Wonder How My Home Is
  49. II. That Mountain Far Away
  50. I. The Road of Magic
  51. An Essay on American Indian Poetry
  52. Author's Preface
  53. Title Page