View Full Version : Coping with fears of flying...

July 11th, 2005, 08:56 PM
So the dreaded business trip is next week and I will have to fly from California to Texas- about 3+ hours. I am sweating it! I have a totally unfounded 'fear' of flying. It's not the safety of the flight that I fear- or crashing or anything like that...it's the issue that I "can't" get out if I want to...a control thing. I am in fear the whole time that I wll flip out and have some gigantic anxiety attack and die mid-air, thought I have actually never had a true panic attack. I even work in Psych. and I am still sweating it.
Does anyone else go thru this? What can I do?? I am thinking of testing out some Benadryl on myself this week to see if it makes me nice and drowsy...though I usually am not big into medication.