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August 6th, 2005, 01:31 AM
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/4746665.stm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/4746665.stm)

A young woman summoned up the strength to lift a car more than 20 times her body weight to free a trapped friend, despite being injured herself.

Kyla Smith, from Sunderland, was driving her MG ZR hatchback near Washington when it left the road and hit a tree.

Passenger Jonathon Connor's leg was stuck under the car as it rolled over.

So the 23-year-old lifted the car to allow him to escape, unaware that she had injured her back in the crash.

Ms Smith said: "I lost control of car, it hit a pile of bricks, which hit the steering arm and made wheels head for a tree. We hit the tree and the car came down on the passenger side.


August 6th, 2005, 08:56 AM
Adrenalin can do some amazing things. When I was in high school, there was a fire in the home of a 75 year old woman. She ran inside the house and carried out her refrigerator.

spirit wind
August 6th, 2005, 09:38 AM
Yep adrenalin can do amazing things! I lifted a wooden cot off the ground and threw it across the room thinking my baby was wedged under it as she wasn't in the cot. It was a cot that I normally couldn't lift on my own.

*blush* I found my 7 month old daughter playing quite happily in my 3yr olds room...exactly where I had put her half an hour before...yes I was sleep deprived...

August 7th, 2005, 01:24 AM
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/4746665.stm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/4746665.stm)

She related to Dr. Banner? (insert large muscular green smiley)

August 7th, 2005, 07:38 PM
i heard of a woman who lifted a bus or truck that ran over her child.

August 7th, 2005, 08:10 PM
That's cool.

August 7th, 2005, 08:11 PM
talk about women as the "weak" gender ..... roflmao

August 8th, 2005, 09:33 AM
That story isn't all that amazing. I've heard stories like that for as long as I can remember. I've even seen amazing events such as that.
Adrenaline is a powerful thing!

August 8th, 2005, 11:55 AM
That kind of thing happens everyday..Once the o'l heart starts pumping,anything is able to happen...I know..I've done it also..

August 8th, 2005, 03:45 PM
Yep that does not suprise me, my uncle use to lifet cars, tractors things of that sort quiet often.

November 7th, 2005, 12:31 PM
If only I could get myself more worked up for my PRTs.

November 7th, 2005, 02:55 PM
anyone remember that movie.. Rocketman... when adam sandler's character asked the other guy under the mars rover to call him mother to give him the strength of 20 men ..... ehehehhhehee