View Full Version : New Moon 11/14/01

November 9th, 2001, 09:49 PM
This coming New Moon, which will occur on Nov. 14th at 22:41 Pacific Time, forms Solar aspects with Mars and Saturn (opposed Pluto), Zodiacally, the Lunation will occur at 22* 56' (tropical) Scorpio. Mars will be at 13*40' Aquarius and Saturn will be at 12*56' Gemini (retrograde), (a partile Solar aspect!), while Pluto is at 14*16' Sagittarius. Any Mars/Saturn combination indicates oppression, forced exploitation, and destruction. They also can portend equipment failure, accidents falls, or other such mishaps. Perhaps the best use of the time will be for cleaning out old unwanted stuff around the house, or getting rid of unwanted clutter. Any thing that is old and/or not usable any longer is implicated. The significant Astrological momentum is to destroy, make unusuable, or to use force on something. Of course, any Lunation aspecting Saturn alone usually carries with it the theme of Mundane losses or destruction, such as earthquakes. However, if anything of this nature does happen, it's Astrological meridian is located on or near 56* East longitude, which will be the most likely place to occur.