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November 12th, 2001, 08:55 PM
This may seem a big long winded; it's an article I wrote for moondance.org today, and thought I'd share; this section seemed as good as any. Hopefully people don't think it sucks!
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The Old Religion
by Brian the lucidfyre

In modern life, it is commonly thought that if you aren’t part of the traditional triad of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that you aren’t "really" a religion, but things didn’t always exist in this manner. What a bold tactic it is, when one redefines a way of life based on personal views, in order to turn life itself into a holy war. It is the equivalent of letting one race define another, in order to control the perception of that race at large. Very bold, but just as ignorant in the end.

There are many people today who believe in what was once referred to as ‘the old religion,’ but perhaps may one day be referred to as the new religion. Many of these people even hate referring to themselves as a religion, and this may be for the very reason I mentioned earlier: there are so many today who speak the word but know not what it means. Religion, as I have come to understand it in my own life, has less to do with worship than it does to connection to a higher source. There is a common bond between all faiths, in the sense that even the most widespread religions view the concept of god or goddess as something supernatural or even mythical. They are detached from the wanderlust of the very idea that as living creatures with self-awareness, the mere concept of time is divine in itself, and this may perhaps be a source we all have in common. I do not mean time you think of when you look at a watch, but rather the passage of future to present, and present to past. It is a rather well known belief even in science that time is a dimension in itself; you could very well say then that it is as tangible as the depth we perceive when we hold something, because time gives the power of creation. No matter what evils become wrought in the world, the old expression “time will tell,” can perhaps relate to us the ultimate power that endures.

If life itself is so much of a miracle, and looked at as something to be held sacred, one cannot help but notice that the vessels that nurture life in its early stages can be looked at as sacred too. I am speaking of the glory of motherhood, and honoring the woman as Goddess. A woman’s life is so connected to this source of ours that they are forced to embody its energy on a monthly basis, which interestingly enough coincides with the cycles of the very moon that balances our Earth’s orbit and moves the tides of the earth itself. There is a certain synchronicity there that is tough to ignore.

Religion is about connection to the infinite source, ultimately. I believe this source becomes embodied in one way or another in order for it to influence and shape our lives. There is then the term you’ve probably heard before, ‘woman’s intuition,’ which relates the idea that women are more intuitive and empathetic, again because they hold more connection to this source of life we all share. Perhaps then the concept of God and Goddess are not so separate from this source, but rather show how our perception embodies this source to us in many different ways, relevant to who we are.

The old religion, can be shown in mud and clay Goddess figurines left over from some very ancient cultures, some about which are rarely ever focused on by those who don’t feel the same connection that women do, and perhaps are too detached from our source. There are many people who speak the word, but not so many who embody its idea and energy in their daily lives. To an extent though, you can’t hold people accountable personally, so much as convention and ignorance. If ignorance is the enemy, and you think of an Arabian proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” then you begin to realize how we are all related spiritually, and share a common thread. When you fight others because you see them as being so disconnected from who you are, you only help to perpetuate that very same ignorance, only in a different way. You just may be connecting to something that is not so good. This is not to say that you should throw down your sword when you feel you’re being attacked or threatened, but you may better yet try and understand the source of the conflict, in order to disarm it from within.

The old religion is, alas, not so old, when you travel about the world and see the same patterns beginning to take hold again, seeming to exist outside the boundaries of time itself. People, with as little history and information as they have of it, still cannot ignore the very nature of what we’ve become, as living sentient beings. They can see it when they look at a star and wonder how it came to be, or when they realize that at some time they were a single cell residing in their mother’s womb, and now they’re standing there, talking to that very same mother. That is magick in itself, in my eyes; enough magick to know that there are patterns which carry over into all scales of time and space (as above, so below).

The term Witch has had many implications over the years, both good and bad, but again perhaps we should look at the source of the word itself, being as it is merely a word intended to reflect an idea. The term Witch used to be spelled Wych, which is very close to the Indo-European word wyc/wic, which means “to bend or shape.” Perhaps then, if Witches were a divine part of the old religion, they were really thought of as a person who bends and shapes their own life to reflect the Goddess, which is an embodiment of our infinite source. You may begin to see the connection now; women were not only meant to be here to nurture life in its infancy, but perhaps to help guide it spiritually as well. There are some women who prefer to spell the word differently (womyn), and this may be due to resentment because of the oppression they’ve suffered as a whole. When you think of the term man, and how many other words contain a male emphasis, such as human, woman, and also history (as opposed to herstory). This may be misinterpreted to say that women are merely a part of men, or you can rather say that perhaps there’s something missing in many of us men that makes us so dependant on women for one reason or another. Perhaps the union of male and female energies, is similar to the union of the spirit and the physical, and the more we begin to realize the connections between the two, the better off our lives can become, because they are balanced.

Perhaps, when a religion ceases to recognize the ideals of their faith, and see only words, you can then say they also cease to truly be a religion. This is shown in how those very same words that may have once enlightened, become so much more important than the ideas, that their very source fails to even be recognized anymore. The best way to keep people ignorant to this is to alter the meanings of words, in attempt to redefine what things like woman and religion really mean. In the end, all you have to do is look at the source of life, and the source of all time and space (as you perceive it), and you’ll know your true roots; not just physically, but spiritually as well.

I realize as with any journey you can’t have a source without a destination, and perhaps union is the true destination we all seek, in one way or another. Connection may be that bridge we’ve been looking for, to unite across whatever chasms have formed over the ages. When people speak of the dangers of worshipping idols, perhaps what was intended was rather the idolization of words over people and ideas, and not seeing what things really mean. It is a crime of which we are all guilty of, at some time or another. You can say though, that in the end, the new religion may very well be a religion of humanity, and the source of that humanity, which is the magick of honoring the woman as Goddess, in order to invoke that very same energy that brought you here to begin with. The religion of life, that is so ingrained into who we are, that it is not merely something to honor, but something to embody, to perhaps make an actual discipline of craft to lightening our livelihood. Science and religion then, would become one as well.

November 28th, 2003, 06:30 AM
When you think of the term man, and how many other words contain a male emphasis, such as human, woman, and also history (as opposed to herstory).
Nothing like digging up an ancient thread... I feel like a field archaeologist.

This is a good piece, however I should point out that the word history comes from the Latin historia, and is not a concatenation of the English words "his" + "story" as many believe. Feminazi, however is a concatenation of two words.