View Full Version : November 19-26

November 19th, 2001, 12:57 AM
for learning purposes only/ credits to Curtis Burns

Monday, Nov 19
Important connections; be prepared, do not treat destiny lightly.
(Sun quincunx Node)

Tuesday, Nov 20
Day to expand the social graces; have a good time; a wonderful
party. Be sure to be careful about overindulging, overspending, and
the like. Relationships may grow ethically and spiritually.
Provocative discussions, nervous stress; unusual or surprising mental
or verbal developments. Think how you can enhance your personal
freedom and individuality. (Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury square

Wednesday, Nov 21
Sudden good fortune possible, positive developments and contacts.
Seek to find or discover new and/or innovative perspectives that will
enable you to gain materially and otherwise. (Jupiter biquintile
Uranus, Mercury biquintile Node)

Thursday, Nov 22 Thanksgiving
Early today upbeat energies may help to create a positive holiday
celebration. Be careful of assuming things, making an a** of
oneself; useless arrogant bravado. Be sure to invoke your
spiritual/religious/philosophical traditions and grow and gain. Day
to think clearly about spiritual matters and matters of the heart;
speak, write about them. Be sure to avoid possible toxicity ruining
your day. (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Friday, Nov 23
Relationship issues high: how they may be overly aggressive and/or
manipulative; love, but probably not that which is the giving kind.
Disciplined self-assertion; push forward with what is the right
thing. (Venus square Mars, Mars tridecile Vesta)

Saturday, Nov 24
Issues come up of how we interact with our committed loved ones;
possibly how we may be superficial with them and in that way
disrespectful. Other more spiritual energies are to be found however
possibly encouraging surrender of the ego (always kind of a tyrant);
working with chemicals, oils, gases, or water. (Mercury square Juno,
Neptune trine Vesta, Mercury quincunx Node)

Sunday, Nov 25
Relationships accented; attractions, strong but passing; learn to
love others for what they are. Abundant energy; be careful about
overheating. If you launch off on some adventure or enthusiastic
endeavor, be sure to you do not ASSUME things will go well. Connect
up to your spiritual/religious/philosophical source and MOVE INTO
ACTION. (Venus square Uranus, Mars biquintile Jupiter, Venus
biquintile Node)

Monday, Nov 26
Should be a very exciting day; be careful of accidents, cuts, burns;
tempers flaring; emotional or physical explosions. Militaristic or
violent activity. Great fervor of speech/thinking, be sure not to
get tripped by details. Day for the use or abuse of power.
Financial developments. Deep strong connections possibly eclipsing
reason or common sense. (Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury sesquiquad
Jupiter, Jupiter quincunx Pluto, Pluto tridecile Juno)