View Full Version : Katrina Relief Effort Message from Dorothy

September 2nd, 2005, 06:27 PM
Okay, Folks...I'm on the road with MR Sellars - we're right in the middle of a tour
and won't be back home until Monday - so I have limited email access. However,
we have been working on the relief effort just the same. To that end, we are in
the process of organizing a Pagan auction to help the New Orleans community. Here's
what's been done so far.

1. Joanne and Darrell - the wonderful people who own e-witch.com - have donated
their services to run this auction and make it happen. They have even donated what
they'd normally charge for "all the bells and whistles" as their gift
to the community.

2. Steven - my publicist at Llewellyn - has agreed to contact all the Llewellyn
authors about donations, get the press releases out, and has already procured donations
from Llewelllyn.

3. M.R. Sellars has agreed to provide a 'storage' area for the auction
items and ship them out to high bidders.

While we don't have lists of items to be auctioned yet - we haven't gotten that
far - we are looking at getting uncut manuscripts and other one of a kind items
from authors that would not normally be available to the general public. [I will
be auctioning my original ritual robe and an exact duplicate of my current personal
spellbook.] Details will follow as they become available, but we're hoping to get
this auction up and running sometime next month.

We're also looking at setting up a paypal account for the relief effort - something
that only Rev. Velvet Rieth or whomever is handling the money she needs to make a difference can
access - to make it easier folks to donate. [For those of you who don't know, Rev. Rieth is spearheading an effort to help our community in NOLA. And since her husband is a police officer there, she does have a way to get money, supplies, etc. into the city. ;)]

Later - probably in a couple of months - we're also looking at heading out to New
Orleans to help with the clean-up there, wield some hammers and do whatever is necessary
to get things back up and running again.

Sellars and I have other things in the works, too. In fact, we're going to do
some collecting on our own at Fall GOTT this weekend. [Money, supplies, etc.]
Neither one of us have any problem at all with begging and/or shaming folks into
support for our community.

While we're talking about community...there are already many things in place to
help with the relief effort in New Orleans. But...it's up to us at this point to
really get out there and do something for our own. We belong to the Pagan community.
It's our family. And if we don't get off our asses and do whatever we can to support
our own, no one else is going to. So, please...I urge you...step up to the plate and do what you can, no
matter how small or insignificant you may feel it is. Even the smallest gesture
is a huge thing and will be more appreciated than you can possibly imagine.

Much love, many thanks, and tons of hugs to you all!