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September 20th, 2005, 04:38 PM
or not to rebuild, that is the question...

Iím curious to hear what others think, especially here at MW. Iíve had the discussion with friends, etc., and a lot of us agree that maybe itís time to rewrite the olí map, and accept that there are areas that can no longer withstand mankind building on it.

What if we looked at the destruction this way? The whole nation was given a big, fat wake-up call to the lowest of the low ~ citizens of our own country who are beyond impoverished who lost everything and have been sent away. What if instead of herding them all back to rebuild, we just gave them a decent, respectable chunk of money to get them started someplace else?

I say this because anyone would agree, and especially Paganís that when it comes to mankind vs. Mother Nature, guess who wins? Itís a no-brainer really. Personally, Iíd rather not see my money go to rebuilding a place thatís just going to get wiped-out again from another storm. I donít want to see what will be a continuing burden to those who can least afford it. Nagin ran around calling everyone back, but is now retracting his statement by saying to stay away due to the latest storm threat. I mean, jeezÖ If people are being told to stay out, then WHY rebuild a place that this is going to be a continuing, devastating pattern? Theyíre also saying another storm, even if not as severe, will send the flood waters right back.

I live in L.A., and every day I drive through Laurel Canyon. Last year, it was all about literally dodging houses from the mudslides. Also, there was a section of hillside that came down just north of me in Ventura, where an entire neighborhood was wiped out. Now these people were warned time and again that it was UNSAFE to live there, but they insisted due to the charm and whatever. Well, after their homes were wiped out, and people DIED, they came running to the Gov. for money to rebuild. I certainly would not have wanted a dime of my tax money going to people who are KNOWINGLY building on dangerous ground ~ and thankfully it was decided no tax money would go to it either. Same with what happened recently in Laguna Beach. $$$ homes just rolled away in the hills from the mudslides, and they estimated it would cost a billion just to shore up the hillside so they could rebuild and have another go for however many more storms it will take to bring them down againÖ And what's also sad, are the homes still teetering in Laurel are STILL there! Instead of just fessing up and knocking them down, they're leaving them for our next season ~ which will surely make my commute even hairier than last season!!

Lessons learned are these. Johnny builds a pretty house on the beach. Big storm comes with waves and washes Johnnyís house into the ocean. Johnny insists on building another house on the same spot. Guess what is going to happen again???? With everything going the way it is with global warming, weíve been warned the severity of our weather patterns will only increase. Itís inevitable really.

I realize Iím in earthquake country, but we have no warning when or where something will strike, so that makes it tough for those of us here. And I agree that the historic areas need to be preserved, and a boatload of money will be spent to do that, but what about the poor people who will just face their homes being wiped out again in another storm?

Iím curious to hear other thoughts about this. And I swear, if ANYONE comes along and starts name calling or flame throwing Iíll feed you to the proverbial lions!

Hereís a house I drive by dailyÖ *funny sidebar* This house was used to shoot porn and they had some pretty crazy parties and stuff there, so the neighborhoodís glad this one fell, LOLOL!


And here's another I drive under daily... This place hasn't been finished or occupied in the 9 years it's been built. I say knock the suckers down, LOL...


September 22nd, 2005, 01:55 PM
Rebuild. Just do it in such a way as to withstand hurricanes and resist flooding, similar to the way in which buildings in earthquake-prone areas are specially designed to withstand quakes.

September 22nd, 2005, 04:01 PM
I say we quit trying to manipulate Mother Nature, because she will always bite us in the @ss when we try. I think it would be cool to just let the water in NO have its way, and turn the place into an American Venice.

Wouldn't it be romantic to cruise down Bourbon Street in a gondola? (Of course, that's after they clear out all the floating bodies n stuff).

September 23rd, 2005, 06:05 AM
Hey Suz, maybe you should have made this one a poll...

I agree, rebuilding. Only perhaps a bit of thought should go into what is where, and make the ajustments that help the place, be a better place.