View Full Version : November 26- December 4

November 27th, 2001, 01:25 PM
for learning purposes only/ credits to Curtis Burns

Monday, Nov 26
Should be a very exciting day; be careful of accidents, cuts, burns; tempers flaring; emotional or physical explosions. Militaristic or violent activity. Sociological challenge. Great fervor of speech/thinking, be sure not to get tripped by details. Day for the use or abuse of power. Financial developments. Deep strong connections possibly eclipsing reason or common sense. (Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury sesquiquad Jupiter, Jupiter quincunx Pluto, Pluto tridecile Juno)

Tuesday, Nov 27
Day to project the most beautiful of thoughts and feelings into
persons, places, and things, be careful of self-delusion in these
matters. Place yourself in the environment of beauty and come to appreciate and love it all the more. Artists, poets, craftsman do not neglect your art today.
(Venus quintile Neptune, Sun opposite Vesta)

Wednesday, Nov 28
When you get out of bed be sure to keep your feet squarely on the ground all day today; but it still is a good day to more empathically communicate, lend credence to dreams and visions, and raise the vibration of the heart. (Sun sextile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 29
Combination of flowing and connecting patterns today, look and be your best! Tomorrow's Full Moon/Mars---Saturn "kick" may
already be starting to manifest, for more info read Friday's
(Juno sextile Node, Mercury opposite Vesta, Venus quincunx Node)

Friday, Nov 30
"Kick" indeed! The potentially most pivotal astrology of the
week: early Mars/Saturn slamming on the brakes, creating dissonant energy patterns, always an opportunity to bear down and concentrateone's efforts. Weight lifting day. High exuberance, Jupiter highlighted. Full Moon in Sagittarius, everybody has an opinion! Watch out, slinky Venus slightly out of control! Relationships may be probable, but not altogether viable! Also thoughts can fly to uncharted realms of ethereal beauty. (Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mars tridecile Saturn, Venus square Juno, Sun biquintile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 1
Another early morning kick courtesy this time from Uranus,
stimulating our desire to create change, be different, or even to
upset the status-quo apple cart. Venus and Jupiter connecting make for grand wonderful expensive parties and/or shopping binges; in a more refined manner however, may most gracefully expand our intellectual/moral/spiritual/religious horizons. Make an effort to connect with someone from another country. Persuade-ability is high, thoughts and words flow.
Sun quintile Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Dec 2
Mercury's turn today to touch off Uranus energy: a little bit of
energy in the voice today, a little bit of a sense of urgency; bold
innovative thoughts or discoveries possible. Thinkers do your
stuff! (Mercury quintile Uranus)

Monday, Dec 3
Possible intense and opportune next two days. Overcome problems today, work out the inconsistencies. Map out your plan, analyze the situation. (Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn)

Tuesday, Dec 4 (extra day reading)
Prepare to go all out, don't miss out on an opportunity to make
an energetic and/or physical breakthrough (and hopefully not a
subsequent break-down). Be careful walking down dark alleys and the like. (Mars quintile Pluto)