View Full Version : um, a monologue

Lily Mai
December 5th, 2001, 06:17 PM
This is a mono-thingy (short) about how I feel at the moment. Its been up on my blog for a while, I just felt an urge to post it up here!

There are so many words flooding into the chasm in my soul, trying to plug breach, but none will fit, none will describe my plight. So I ignore them all, hoping that they'll find there own way out, they'll fit themselves toghether behind my smile. And when I can't use words, I use images. Beauty created out of fear and sorrow. But no one sees the pain in them, no one understands, and I find myself sitting alone in this room, the light slowly escaping me, trying desperately to find my words. And there is an odd perfectness to it all, a "textbook emotion" that isn't as valid as it should be. The silence in my heart deafens me, where there used to be life there is loss. I can't breathe on my own anymore, but I STILL can't get the words out. And the silence, that perfect silence is my eternity, and everything is hidden by a smile.