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October 26th, 2005, 12:56 AM
Hello all!

This is a question that has been going through my mind today. i have recently become quite interested in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne rice, and as i read I become more and more interested in the philosophy of her writing. I was reading an interesting chapter today while on lunch at work in ":the Queen of the Damned"...if you are unfamiliar basicly one of the characters is describing the founding of the Vampire race. Warning SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ok...that being said, albeit fictuion It struck me as quite an interesting and startling view. Basicly, in a few words...Rice has submitted that at the time of the Vampire's creation there were spirits (the best way I could think of them, they we soemwhat derived from the Lwa, they sounded awefully like them anyways...) that the two witches in the book could talk to. So, Akasha the mighty queen of the damned, while still human wishes to know more about these spirits and Rice submits through the book a view that there are no Gods (well as far as the Spirits are aware) and that these spirits are elementals and also dead human beings who afraid of the next level...who act as Gods. So I was thinking how this idea goes against my own development of understanding of whatever is above us...and I again dragged the Buddhist and the hindu sides of me to this question. Realizing that Anne Rice is fiction, ofcourse...It did strike a cord with me:

- In the Buddhist viewpoint the Devas (Gods) are trapped on the earthly plane or somewhat higher because of their own egos...and perhaps fear of what coems next. Boddhisatvas are those humans who have passed onto the next level and become 'famous' becasue of it...ar are on their way of moving to the next level.
- In most nonsectarian Hindu stances...the devas are manifestations of Brahman and are both independant and dependant on the Supreme, as are all of we. There can be no Boddhisattva in hinduism becasue it is more seen as you are reclaimin g your Godhood and disolving this facade of the 'self' that we indulge in.

SO, my question is...clashing all three of these views together...what do you think? Are the Gods that we see egotistical spirits of scarted Humans...or the like. I just thought I'd ask to generate soemthing...Im also very tired and need coffee haha. But what do you think, if any of this made sense>



November 8th, 2005, 04:42 AM
Interesting...lol. I think some of that went over my head...but I think I tend to think that they are egotistical spirits...I don't know if I ever thought they were once human...but I guess it seems possible...I just never thought of it that way.