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November 8th, 2005, 11:52 PM
:welcome: Rose Man:part 1 written by William J Dorset, (C)11/08/05

It all started near the beach on a quite day. He was out selling roses to make a living. This was like any other day in Imperial Beach, the sun was shinning bright, the tourists were taking in sights, and the surfers where surfing their delight. Joe started early in the morning because he wanted to catch the early bird lovers on their morning walks along the shore. This had always guaranteed his success in having a profitable day. When Charlise arrived at the beach it was almost noon. She was spending time talking to the locals, as she was always a social butterfly. He noticed her from afar, but did nothing more then continue to do his job, and sell the roses. At this point he had already made enough to go home, but it was a lovely day, and he was enjoying his time on the beach, listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves, and the seagulls hovering above.
Later that afternoon Joe noticed Charlise walking along the sea wall with a very solemn look on her face. She was walking in his direction, and because of her apparent sadness Joe removed a rose from his bucket and waited till she was near enough, then handed Charlise the rose with a warm smile on his face. He inquired, “why so glum?” then stated, “you are way too beautiful to have such a depressing look on your face.”
Charlise let out a slight smirk, and then sat beside Joe, when she confessed everything to Joe.

“Today, I learned my house burned down, and I don’t have any insurance.” “I am now homeless,” she exclaimed! With a lost look on her face, she opened up to him about everything that had been happening to her in her life. A few weeks back, she had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, she had lost her mother in a car accident, and her ex murdered her dog and left him on her porch. She cried, for a short while after explaining her late disasters. Feeling sympathetic Joe offered Charlise his room, until she could get things straitened out and back on her feet again. That’s when Joe noticed Charlise’s necklace. It was a black choker with a silver accented red rose amulet. Joe observed the necklace, and then prepared to end his workday, and show Charlise to her temporary residence.

When they arrived at his house, he helped her carry her things into the house and lead her to his room. “You can sleep in the bed, I will take the couch,” Joe said without hesitation.
He then showed her to the kitchen, the bathroom, and where the remotes for the TV. He said, “ make yourself at home, and feel free to get anything to eat or use anything that you need.” He then retired to the couch, and wished Charlise a peaceful night. The next morning he woke up cooked some breakfast, and headed off to the beach to sell more roses. Joe left a note for Charlise which said, “I went to work, I will make you a key later, just leave the backdoor unlocked if you leave, I’ll be home this evening. Have a blessed day,

By noon Joe had made over his personal quota, and was thinking of heading to the taco shop for some lunch. As he was preparing to leave Charlise showed up with a basket and a blanket. “I thought, you might be hungry and would like some lunch,” she said as she smiled flirtatiously. She then led Joe to a more secluded area of the beach, laid out the blanket, and began removing items from the basket. She first pulled out the sandwiches, then some grapes, and a bottle of wine, with two wine glasses. She poured the wine, and offered Joe a sandwich. They sat and talk for a while as they ate, and drank the wine, then Charlise leaned in to Joe with grapes in hand to seductively feed him.
She took a single grape off the vine dipped into the wine, and lightly caressed Joe’s lips with the fruit. He ate it with fevering passion, and then gazed into Charlise’s eyes. They both fell into what seamed like a hypnotic spell, and before long their lips seamed to magnetically meet one another. The kiss was breath taking for both of them, and with each passing moment, the passion between the two became more and more powerful.
The continued this for a short while, and embraced and hugged, then Charlise left to take care of some errands.

That night Joe returned home with the spare key for Charlise. When he arrived home he noticed her car was in the driveway, and he smelled wonderful odor coming from his house. When he walked in he saw Charlise in an apron, setting the table, with dinner and some lit red candles. One the table was bowl of salad with plenty of good vegetables; there was a try with a rotisserie chicken sitting on it with stuffing all around the chicken. There was a bottle of red wine, two plates, and two wine glasses already filled. Charlise looked at Joe and said,” I hope you are hungry.” Then she smiled and Joe was impressed.
After dinner Joe and Charlise watched a little TV, then Joe said he was going to call it a night, and he retired again to the couch. Day after day, Charlise would meet with Joe with a nice lunch in basket, and night after night, Joe would come home to a well-rounded home cooked meal. This went on for weeks, and as the time flew by Joe and Charlise became very close. Before Long they where sharing Joe’s bed.

Joe’s friends started noticing how much time he and Charlise had been spending together, and Mark being a little worried, mentioned his concerns to Joe. “Joe,” he said, “I think you are spending way to much time with this girl. I mean you hardly even know her, and you took her into your home, and have been supporting her since the day you have met. I really think you ought to be careful you don’t know how much of what she says is true. For god’s sake you haven’t even met anyone that really knows her, for all you know, she is just using you.” This agitated Joe, and Joe said to Mark,” You are the one who doesn’t know Charlise, if you did you would know she makes me happy. It’s not like she doesn’t earn her keep, she brings me lunch, she keeps my house and laundry clean, and when I get home there is a nice dinner waiting on me. Isn’t this what everyone desires?” Mark looked at Joe and sighed and left with this comment, “Joe for your sake my friend, I hope that you are right.”

November 12th, 2005, 04:06 PM
great! I can't wait to read part 2 :)