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December 18th, 2001, 01:13 AM
Does anyone have any info on the goddess Kali? I know she's the goddess of chaos, which makes me nervous, because I had a dream 2 days ago involving her.

I never actually saw Kali herself, but i was lying in a temple that was dedicated to her.

I'm travelling on wednesday, to go home for xmas, and i'm not sure I want the goddess of chaos coming with me;)

any thoughts?


December 18th, 2001, 09:48 AM
Kali's been the first goddess ever I have "spoken" to.

That was at a time a lot of things went wrong in my life, and in fact it was Kali who, as a goddess "of chaos", pulled me out of this misery.

She's unconventional yes, however I wouldn't just limit her to a goddess of chaos.

Don't be afraid! ;)

December 18th, 2001, 03:41 PM
as far as "coming with you", she's everywhere and in everything :)


December 23rd, 2001, 07:42 PM
She was also associated with Durga and Parvati I think....lying in a temple.........?

January 4th, 2002, 10:01 AM
Interesting... it would have to be a pretty vivid dream to leave such an impression on you. Notice anything else in the dream? Like flowers, colours of candles e.t.c.? Might be a good time to try dream interpretation.

January 6th, 2002, 05:40 AM
Name: Kali
Type: Hindu
A mother goddess and the symbol of dissolution and destruction. She destroys ignorance and maintains the world order, as well as blessing those who strive for knowledge. She is pictured as a black figure with a protruding tongue, four arms, a necklace of severed heads and a belt of severed arms. In her hands she holds a bloody sword and the head of a demon.

Black Mother Kali of Hinduism. For those of you who aren't familiar with her, she is a rather scary individual -- the image of her that is most often seen is that of a woman with gory, blood-matted hair, a necklace of skulls, and a long sword in her hand. She is usually shown devouring the entrails of a dying or dead man, and sometimes is copulating with him at the same time. From the Rationalist Witch's pantheon - http://www.io.com/~cortese/spirituality/wicprin.html
See the above site for more on our view of her.

March 5th, 2002, 11:36 AM
*smiles* I've found Kali to be quite the mother goddess. Warm and caring....but so not opposed to baping you upside the head pretty hard when you do something stupid.

Kali-Ma is the called the "destroyer of time"....and is indeed quite the forceful goddess.

I've got a couple of good tales and information on her, I'll have to dig them back out.

March 5th, 2002, 12:05 PM
There is a story in the Bhagavata Purana (Srimad Bhagavatam) about Goddess Kali punishing her own devotees when they attempt to sacrifice a human (Jada Bharata) to her. She jumps right out of the altar and decapitates her followers, thus protecting the innocent victim. So, even though she is ferocious, she can be fiercely protective, too.

"Intolerant of the offenses committed, the infuriated goddess Kali flashed her eyes and displayed her fierce, curved teeth. Her reddish eyes glowed, and she displayed her fearsome features. She assumed a frightening body, as if she was prepared to destroy the entire creation. Leaping violently from the altar, she immediatelly decapitated all the rogues and thieves with the very sword with which they had intended to kill Jada Bharata. She then began to drink the hot blood that flowed from the necks of the beheaded rogues and thieves, as if this blood were liquor. Indeed, she drank this intoxicant with her associates, who were witches" (SB 5.9.19)

It is mentioned in the commentary to the above verse, "It is Goddess Kali's work to kill and punish the demons."

So, as long as you were not trying to sacrifice a human in her temple, I guess you're safe ;) Perhaps it was a dream indicating protection you are receiving from her?

Kali is a form of Parvati (Durga), the wife of Siva. She also appears in other forms, such as Goddess Kamakhya. In that virgin form, she is often worshipped by witches. There is a famous Kamakhya temple in Assam where Kali's yoni fell. Her little finger fell in Calcutta, where another large Kali temple is situated.

February 17th, 2004, 02:58 PM
In Hindu tradition, it is rare for a goddess aspect to visit you in a dream and is considered to be a huge honour !! Be blessed that Kali has chosen to visit you and see what she represents in yourlife right now. Kali brings order to chaos by destroying all which is old and damaging to us in our lives. I am a Kali devotee and have found Kali to be benevolent and loving despite her bad press ;)
You can further connect to Kali Ma by using this one of many mantras:

Om maha kali

You can use a black or red candle on your altar to focus and if you arefeeling brave offer her your own blood lol. Failing that any standard Puja offering is good...incense, fresh flowers, rice, fruit etc

good luck!