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December 8th, 2005, 11:42 AM
I recieved this notice on a mailing list of mine and I wanted to let y'all know about it so you could have a crack at it. This is the annual competition of PPP (Pagan Poetry Pages) http://www.anfianna.com/paganpoetrypages/ :

This year we have three categories (see below) a new and fiendishly clever way of setting a theme, and great prizes: See below for details.

There will be a winner of each category and from these three winners, one will be chosen as overall winner. Originality, use of theme and style will all contribute towards the verdict.

We have chosen several images. Use any one of them as a focal point for your entry: how it inspires you is up to you, interpret it as strictly or loosely as you choose.

Closing date for entries is December 19th 2005.
First prize Overall winner prize of twenty pounds gift voucher for
any AF shop! (includes Turtlegnome Crafts, Ceolnet, Anfianna Home
Other two category winners[/b]: ten pound gif voucher each as above.
The honour and glory and having other poets and writers say "coo
they must a bright and shining talent!"

Three categories:

One: 4O lines or less
two: 40 lines or more
three: short story or prose submission (must be longer than 400


Theme: We have chosen several images

These images are there to be used as a starting point for your poem or story. You can interpret this as loosely as you like! But please note, you MUST include with your entry an explanation of which image you picked and why. It doesn't matter if the link is tenuously flimsy or completely bizarre: let us know what you were thinking.
Place your entry in the body of an email:
in the subject line write ENTRY: and the category
Say what image you chose and why
Submit to ppp@anfianna.com

Each piece of work can only be submitted to ONE category. Entrants can submit as often, and to as many different categories as they please as long as each submission is different.