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December 25th, 2001, 01:16 PM
As I'm not up on Sidereal and am still waiting on Cyril Fagan's work on Sideareal Solar and Lunar's, perhaps I can find out here how the energies are presented in a Return chart.
When I look at an Tropical SR chart from this past year, it makes more sense to me when I think about things that have occurred in my life in 2001. Perhaps as my experience is only with Tropical, but I totally don't see my past year when I look at a Sidereal SR chart for the 2001.
Doesn't a Sidereal SR/LR work the same as Tropical?

December 27th, 2001, 08:02 AM
Selenia, in answer to your question about return charts, first of all I'm assuming that you are speaking of a Solar Return. Secondly, how are you reading the chart -that is, what method are you using? One of the simplest methods of utilizing any Solar Return chart is to simply place the transiting planets over your natals at the time of the Solar Return. This will give some indication of annual events, but it may not point out when, during the ensuing year, that they will occur. there is another method that also shows prophetic events, using Tertiary New Moons placed over the natals. However, using the Tropical Zodiac the all important Lunar position will be impossible to accurately calculate, since the tropical Zodiac is not based on actual fixed Stellar positions (fiducials), but is instead based on the ever-changing Right Ascention. (There is an older post that explains the difference on this same forum). Pinpointing the accurate position of the Solar Return's Lunar zodiacal longitude is the key to understanding where the emphasis will be for the year. Without this accurate information, the return becomes only a general prophetic instrument. When a Solar Return is calculated using the Sidereal Zodiac there is much more information contained in it than what meets the eye. Besides, the Sidereal Zodiac stands up under statistical analysis as applied to Astrology, while the Tropical fails miserably when put to this type of test.

Cyril Fagan's writings are the foundation of all Siderealists studies. He gives example after exaple of its use and validity, not to mention his excellent delineation write-ups. Although I never met Cyril, his demise came at about the same time I became a Sidereal researcher. I have carried on his same research for over 32 years, and little of it has been published. Perhaps you have heard of Garth Allen (Don Bradley) , I personally knew, and studied under him for about 2 years (1971-73), until his untimely demise.

If you are interested in studying, or having a mentor for sidereal studies, I will be very happy to help you.

......................Methane (CH4)

January 17th, 2002, 04:19 AM
you might want to run a Solar Return precessed ...it is still a Tropical chart but more accurate to what is actually happening with Sun.

Bob Marks explains it this way:
The Earthís orbit wobbles around the Sun.
Because of this Precession,
the Sun takes a little longer each year to return to the place it occupied at your birth (yes, of course, itís the Earth thatís moving around the Sun, but since we live on the Earth, horoscopes are set up geocentrically).

We have to correct for this in order to get an accurate horoscope. So be sure the solar return charts you use are precession corrected. In practice, this means that the Sunís position will be a little bit more than it was on your birth chart. And the change gets bigger every year. Eventually, because of this precession correction, everyoneís birthday comes out a day later.