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December 26th, 2001, 01:52 PM
for learning purposes only/ credits to Curtis Burns

Wednesday Dec 26
Learn how to be more tactful and considerate of others, and perhaps learn also to be less vain and manipulative in relationships.
Commitments may become important. This may also be a day to be wary of being lead astray, having an inconvenient energy drain, or somehow misusing energy by misleading others. Also be careful of substances, chemical, and poisons.
(Venus trine Juno, Sun biquintile Vesta, Mars decile Neptune)

Thursday, Dec 27
Relationships may take interesting turns; be careful of not deceiving yourself or being in a mutual-self-deception. Meditate before you act, do something spiritual together.
(Venus decile Neptune, quintile Mars)

Friday, Dec 28
Be open to new and different things or ideas.
Definite "kick" in the energies today getting ready for the
"party" this weekend.
(Sun semisquare Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 29
Strong weekend, read up on these next two days. Gear up the mind today, take control of it instead of the not-so-good part of it
taking control of you. Breakthroughs in research possible, burn the midnight oil. Speak with unusual charisma and power, or learn how to. Relationships may get some needed re-balancing. (Mercury decile Pluto, Venus biquintile Vesta)

Sunday, Dec 30
Very powerful day, Lunar Eclipse and Mars square Pluto, and aspects to Saturn. Go with the flow and be "ruthless" with the lower part of yourself; open yourself to a great change that needs your focused will to direct it ethically. Going places where angels fear to tread may not be such a good idea this weekend. This is another "world-turning" day possibly. Other malefic energiesas Saturn is touched off by the Sun and Mercury: don't succumb to pessimistic states of mind, react to possible problems with calm, centered constructiveness. Opportunities to master communication.
Whatever the actual form the energies will take, be prepared for anything and above all strive to remain grounded. One time, during a lunar eclipse, I carelessly lost a large amount of money even though I was sure I had it. Be grounded, but also alert to more subtle influences present. The eclipse falls in a nakshatra (Vedic) having to do with the powers of the mind.
(Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Mars square Pluto, Mercury biquintile Juno, Sun quincunx Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, Dec 31
New Years Eve, the party could be interesting as late in the day the Sun opposes Jupiter, lot of big talk and grandiose ideas, big
spending and (maybe) big headaches the morning after. New and interesting connections may strike up. Inasmuch as it may be one long holiday weekend, there will certainly be enough astrological activity to make it pivotal---as people will allow and determine it to be. Focus on action also.
(Mars quintile Vesta, Venus semisquare Uranus, Sun opposite Jupiter)

Tuesday, Jan 1, 2002 NEW YEAR'S DAY
Happy New Year! Tempis Fugit. There may be communicators and writer hooking up for various reason!
(Mercury quincunx Node)

December 28th, 2001, 02:22 PM
:eek: ut oh, hang on to your party hats folks its gonna be one heck of a ride into 2002!

December 30th, 2001, 06:14 PM
Um silly question time...what exactly does Tempis Fugit mean? Is it Latin, I think?

But as always, thanks for the great forecasts!:D