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December 25th, 2005, 12:22 AM
Hello All!

We got our sub-forum for the class!! I hope everyone is as excited as me, as I have HIGH hopes for the success of the students in this class.

First things first of course, our introductions!

I will go first of course!

My name is Violet, I am married and living in Canada with my daughter Sapphyre and husband Michael.

I've been on the psychic road now for about 12 years, soon to be my 13th year and oh what a year it will be I'm sure! I feel that it will be a good year for me. I am a clairvoyant, telepath, emapth, astral traveler, precognant, retrocognant, and I have at least 100 other abilities I haven't named here nor are they mainstream knowledge!

As for my experience with past lives, I began my own journey into my past at 15 and believe me, back then I was a far cry from the knowledge I know now! I went from being a Christian girl misinterpreting everything I saw in the beyond, to being a Druid and opening my eyes to see things as they are. In my life I've done about 400 past life readings for people, most of them were free, and only about 10 of them paid for.

I find that because I am open to a lot of different things, otherkin, animal lives, reincarnation in general, and because I have at least a logical grasp on history, that when I read into a person's past life I am able to pick up on the lives that would be the most accurate, and more importantly, the most important to the individual being read. The way I do things is not easy and believe me, the lengthy readings I do now take at least 5 hours of channeling energy to complete. They drain me, a kink in the process that I am still working out.

The point is that for a past life reading I use every bit of my being, my abilities and my essence. I do a lot of scanning and calculating, anchoring, linking, analyzing, viewing, mapping, if you will, of the soul. I always try to make sure that I am clear, coherent and understandable when I do a full past life reading. It is for this reason, since I know I have a great gift in this regard and since I know that for even me it is a difficult task that I have taken the cream of the crop here at MW in terms of interest that is. It is also why I have kept the class short as no doubt there will be questions along the way.

Don't be scared of the class, I have a very benign way of teaching that will show you that any task is easier said than done, but by the end I hope you all can to some level or degree invoke the same results I do in my own past life readings.

I'm glad to havemet and heard from you personally with the PM I sent and due to the fact that I am revealing my innermost secrets to past lives, I may decide to keep this forum open for practice and send you some of the lessons through pm. Let me know if this sounds suitable to you.

Glad to have you all here and I hope you are ready to work! By the way, if one of you falls behind and another is farther ahead, I am often a very busy person so please help out your fellow group members please!

That's it for my spiel, an intro to the course itself will be sent on Jan. 1st.