View Full Version : Dreaming the future

January 3rd, 2006, 03:34 PM
Okay I'm guessingg this can go here since I don't need it interpretted. I'm amazed by this so bare with me I just realized it 10 minutes ago. lol

Okay, so two nights ago, I had what I considered a nightmare. I was buzzed and woke up with my monthly visitor so I didn't think much of this dream until now.

I had just finished my last class of the day and met up with Marlin Manson and was hanging out. Then then some other people and we went to another building for I don't know what, we just did. Then I remembered that my mom was going to pick me up and that I had left my purse in the other building. I went back and my purse was picked clean, it had over 300 dollars in it before. So I was upset about that and realized that now I was over an hour and a half late to meet mom for pick up so I started running to the spot but it never got any closer.

Then I woke up. Now for the OMG part. lol (Sorry had to. hehe)

Today after my last class I headed over to the TUC building, which ocassionally plays Manson songs, and only then did I notice that I forgot my bookbag in the other building. My bag had books adding to about 300 dollars in it. I managed to get there with everything in tact thankfully. Lol, and now I have to wait about 2 hours to be picked up by mom.

Cool huh?

It was a bit different yes, but close enough for me to think twice about my nightmares. lol Maybe I should get buzzed more ofter. :cheers:

Just kidding! lol I don't like the taste of alcohol anyway. :lol: