View Full Version : Soup Recipe...Manast( our Easter Favorite)

January 7th, 2006, 03:43 AM
Manast..[/SIZE]also called Garbage Soup.. Refrigerator soup( typically because it use to be that you use what can You find in the refrigerator to make it..lol)


64oz minimum canned or home made Chicken broth ( if using canned add four boullion cubes you want a rich base.)

about 1/2lb of deboned chicken cubed into small bite size pieces

1/2 lb stew beef also cubed small bitesize

1/2 lb pork cubed again we Use center cut chops for this you can use roast or butt..

1/4 cubed ham

1/4 lb pepperoni slices

Large onion diced fine..Leeks are great in this or 1/2 &1/2

2 tbs chopped parsley fresh is good since its an Easter treat but can use dried

1 cup chopped spinach fresh again is great but can use frozen not canned just drain well

If you dont care for spinach Use Chinese Cabbage or both.. it is a flexible recipe..

Large clove of garlic minced

Olive oil just a couple Tbs

Basil salt thyme, bayleaf, pepper to taste

Directions for cooking:

Start your stock heating in large Stock Pot

put olive oil into a resonable sized skillet add onion and garlic lighty sautee until just begins to become transparent.. then ad it toothe stock.. brown off eachof the meats.. one at a time justto get them neat done (except for pepperoni do not cook it or add it yet) and not raw.. in turn add each to stock pot bring to boil and and then simmer about an hour. At this point you will wantto add the parsley, Spinach or chinese cabbage, and pepperoniBasil salt thyme, bayleaf, pepper to taste. Simmer again about half an hour. and serve. We serve it as a precursor to the main feast. Its always a hit and soup is so loved by the family and friends it serves about 10 for us..