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January 12th, 2006, 04:45 PM
Hello all,
First off i rarely if ever remember my dreams so its an oddity that i remember last nights, especially since i woke up naturally and not jarred out of a dream. I have no idea at all what it could mean ( i always think if i remember them then they are important)

i was at my old house from 3 years back when i lived near peterborough it was summer nice clear day, and i was pregnant. I was at a stage in my life where i could not morally have an abortion, but i was still younge enough where this could be an issue. Im really worried about it and everyone is trying to be supportive. my B/f's mum is ok with it as is mine, and while sitting at a table eating dinner or playing cards or possibly both at the same time someone lets it slip that i will be having twins and then my mother confirmed it when i asked. I didnt understand why they would know and i wouldnt, i instantly knew that one would be a girl(but im haveing a girl first in real life anyways, i already know this so it doesnt suprise me at all). The parts i vividly remember from the dream is my b/f driving up the driveway and getting out of a car thaty i dont recognize at all and me going to greet him, the other part i remember vidly is at the table my b/f taking hold of my hand and then my mother leaning in across the table and saying "sarah, your going to have twins". Oh and i was really worried about telling my b/f mother about this.

Anyone have any idea on what this means??? normally im good at interpretting my own dreams but this one has me lost. thanks to anyone who replys, Brightest blessings~ Storm child

p.s if it helps any im 18 right now....